1. The pants are a little too small,...I usually L number can be worn, the number of trousers is too small, not flexible, can not wear?
    Baby received, the price value of this fabric, but fortunately not fade
    Not very thick, long trousers trousers style cheap.
    A small replacement to evaluate, cloth, good..
    Very satisfied, wearing, embarrassed to be so long to evaluate! The quality is really good,,
    The pants are a little too small, maybe I'm too fat. The quality is good.

  2. The second time to buy this pair...Very thin cool comfortable for Northeast wear
    Not sticky body, very comfortable.
    The first big, and bought a suitable. Pretty good。
    Help others to buy, the number of code is very suitable for fat people particularly good, but also relatively fast delivery
    To buy more than once! Has been good, but also very cool!
    The second time to buy this pair of pants to wear very comfortable, good shopping, the next time.

  3. The recommended number is too...The trousers are very beautiful.
    The trousers are of good quality.
    The quality of the trousers is very good!
    Good quality, very soft, color is good, but the waist is too tight, suitable for children to wear thin
    Is western style, 107 to buy 120 yards, right
    The recommended number is too long. Wear it next year

  4. Very thick very warm, very good...Very much like, much cheaper than the physical store, it is recommended to buy
    Fortunately, the fabric is smooth, cheaper
    Well, I like it very much
    Quite tight
    High cost performance. Bought two. Good quality.
    Very thick very warm, very good quality, very comfortable to wear

  5. Very nice。 Pretty good。Everything else is good, that is a little bit too small, to take a big yard
    Well, this material is also very good with the same picture of the ruthless like
    Good yo very satisfied
    Sociology!! Good-looking
    Yes, it's my favorite pants
    Very nice。 Pretty good。

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