1. The clothes are good, the fabric...Logistics soon, 2 days to the. Baby with the same picture to see the store. However, there is a small pocket on the right side of the line, would like to take pictures for the day after tomorrow, but no one to take, even if. Some suggestions on the pocket
    Good pants
    Good pants
    The pants is OK, elastic and tight!

    The clothes are good, the fabric is very good, the size is also very suitable
    The clothes are good, the fabric is very good, the size is also very suitable

  2. Logistics fast, comfortable pants.It's not bad
    Buy a big point
    The quality is really good, the price is very high.
    Pants with the same kind, good
    Very appropriate, very good!
    Logistics fast, comfortable pants.

  3. Really good love too muchVery good, very comfortable to wear.
    The goods have been received, did not look good on the Internet
    The fabric is cotton, wearing a very nice husband
    Pants received, the quality can be! Sellers good service attitude!
    Very good very good
    Really good love too much

  4. Very good, bought two, fast...Pants quality is very good, inexpensive, very satisfied, the next time to buy.

    Very good clothes! Also comfortable to wear! Express soon!! 32 praise!!!!!
    Very appropriate, very comfortable to wear, very flexible, decisive
    Things are pretty good, logistics is pretty fast, the seller is also a good attitude to good service
    Pants received, the quality is very good, fabric elasticity is very good, very good-looking, very satisfied with the next time
    Very good, bought two, fast delivery, logistics industry soon, good quality.

  5. It's cotton. It's very nice....Yes, thick!
    Very thick, it will be very warm in winter!
    I like it very much, but the quality is good, but it's a little bigger
    Very thick, very good version
    Pants this price is really worth oh!
    It's cotton. It's very nice. Direct collection.

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