1. Very satisfied, the seller is very...Not bad, the family is also very good to help me modify the
    God covers tigers on the land
    The template is very complete, the boss is very kind!
    Seller shipped quickly, resume is very beautiful.
    Received it is the seller immediately after the end of the order sent to the speed quickly!
    Very satisfied, the seller is very good, I sold several copies of it

  2. Very good, fast delivery, the...Boss?
    The seller is awesome, efficiency is invincible, will come again!! ~
    Very good! ~
    Very good seller
    Very good, good
    Very good, fast delivery, the price is also cheap

  3. A little moldyReceived clothes, the quality is very good, very good style, logistics is also fast, the seller attitude is good
    Very good baby worth starting
    Logistics is awesome, super beautiful clothes, wear very comfortable. Customer service is also very comfortable
    Thanks for the gift
    Good pretty pink spring feeling
    A little moldy

  4. Send people, do not know good or...Very nice! Thick spring and autumn with the protection of the knee, need friends do not hesitate to give a big five points. ??
    A received quality looks good, not as long as described, or can be used to praise!
    Things are good, in the comments, easy to fall
    &hellip: Well, it's a good buy for my neighbors.
    The quality is good, is a little thick
    Send people, do not know good or bad.

  5. Very good, good, quality assurance.It's a little bit of a helmet. I guess it's good for me
    Things can also be received, is a bit pungent flavor, very worried about.
    Well, can better protection, advise you to buy a full set, several times before the fall, direct side fell yesterday, the guard didn't work.
    Take a look at a little stupid, but it really does not hurt ah! For this I did not come into contact with the novice skating is definitely a blessing!
    Pretty good! Not the same as the imagination! It's too big! Do not know activities convenient? Very good quality! Good service! Come again next time! Subsequent evaluation! All five star!
    Very good, good, quality assurance.

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