1. Good quality is the big shot until...Have bought a few pieces, has been like, the quality is still the same good
    Pants style is very good, good quality, the next visit
    Very good, buy four, two clothes two pants, can not wear
    Well, said the next time to (????) yo yo?
    Good quality is the big shot until the cold weather can wear
    Good quality is the big shot until the cold weather can wear

  2. Good wear, good color, eight...Yellow color is quite large, see also thought the wrong color. But the quality is good. Praise it!

    Velvet, but not thick, good color,

    Big PP pants very good, before the baby is always exposed belly, this will not, like, and bought 4
    The quality is very good, the clothes are very soft, feel very comfortable, pants are good, is a little expensive
    I haven't received the goods, has been more than and 10 days, I was careful not to advance the success of the transaction, so it really parcel half stopped, said customer service reminders, or follow-up, just learn from it
    Good wear, good color, eight months, 23 pounds, just good

  3. Praise!Praise!


  4. Generally good.Look good, is not wearing
    The price is OK.
    Like the pro can start, very good
    The quality is good, the price is cheap
    To put on quite a handsome
    Generally good.

  5. Very good, very good, very good...General quality.
    Gotta be pretty good.
    Good clothes
    Good clothes
    Pants quality is quite good, and then customer service attitude is very good, no customer service can also call to ask! Not bad.
    Very good, very good, very good quality

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