1. Good, goodVery easy to paste, logistics quickly, the seller good service attitude!
    Yes, that's fine
    Very good, very like
    Very good. I like it so much
    Yes, very satisfied
    Good, good

  2. Second purchase, the size is...Great, very good
    My colleague recommended it to me

    Very good, bought a Fuguizhu super pretty good quality is very cost-effective
    Cheaper than the store, this money is also good.
    Good packaging, not broken. Good quality.
    Second purchase, the size is appropriate

  3. The bottle is good.Really good! Originally thought to be relatively thick glass or organic glass, but really value for money! Give praise!

    For a long time did not take the initiative ‘ confirm receipt &rsquo. This is really something I am satisfied with the purchase, not to mention the vase, the packaging is very good. Surrounded by thick foam, experienced violence express big man, the
    Habit. But the logistics express people turn dizzy ah, state express!

    The bottle is good.

  4. It's too smallYes, it's a nice cup. I've just made a banana milk

    Cup cup to like it soon Logistics

    The quality is not good, especially thin with a very afraid of breaking
    Very good-looking, accustomed to five-star.

    Super easy to use

    It's too small

  5. Very beautiful, size for tea is...There's a gap between the cover and the imagination
    It's a good thing, but he has a small stainless steel filter on the top of the tea, but the overall texture is very good, so buy a lot of.
    The cloth will slide, and joint piece is black bands like things, with the imagination in a point of entry. But you can buy into a rope.

    Small expensive ah! Because the rush to drink tea, so double eleven before it took the glass relatively thick, but the anti hot set really flattered! Milk tea color above all dirty points! Instant grades pulled low
    Quilt is still very satisfied, the seller is also very patient to tell me how to deal with peculiar smell, the quilt is not high, but this is the normal capacity of the kind, very literary, very satisfied

    Very beautiful, size for tea is also appropriate, easy to use, high praise! The lid is plastic and not woody.

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