1. Shape is very good, very bright,...This pair of shoes is good. Have bought two pairs. Style is good, the price is cheap, buy again.
    Husband to wear comfortable, well worth the price
    Shoes than normal code is too large, it is recommended that you set a fine code.
    I like the shoes as well as the pictures
    The shoes are not comfortable
    Shape is very good, very bright, is a little taste

  2. Cheap, work wearVery good, worth buying! Wear comfortable!
    Very warm and comfortable to wear
    Good quality, no problem in winter wear.
    Second pairs, also bought a pair of sons.
    The shoes are very good, even a pair of socks.
    Cheap, work wear

  3. Good shoes, wear more meng!Baby just arrived today, the speed of the lever, praising the next time to visit
    Heel feeling a little big, don't go.
    The shoes are fine, just like the picture,
    I didn't see my sister
    Shoes size appropriate, good quality, like
    Good shoes, wear more meng!

  4. This user does not fill in the...like

    Baby is so beautiful,
    Baby is really good, especially good
    Children like it very much
    Children like it very much
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  5. I'm one of bestie, I feel very...The quality is good,
    Very good ah, back on the direct wear
    Very good, logistics quickly, and the same picture
    To buy a girlfriend, very good?
    Shoes very good with the imagination of the same thanks to the seller
    I'm one of bestie, I feel very good, it is worth buying

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