1. Much bigger than I thought, no...Fried chicken is really large, loaded with things are also very much, very good!
    Just good, socks Nene are close in, clean, or mood.
    The quality is very good, very satisfied, the size is more suitable for me
    Fortunately, reluctantly put in, it may not be practical socks
    Super easy to use, the price is really expensive.
    Much bigger than I thought, no taste, and it was good

  2. Pretty good, just a little shaky....Third purchase
    Well, that is a bit slow courier
    No taste, is also very beautiful.
    Not installed, and then come back after the evaluation
    Okay, there's a lid, a small crack
    Pretty good, just a little shaky. The courier sent home

  3. Baby is really good, inexpensive,...Express soon, things received, the capacity is very large, very good

    The goods are very good, may be wrong in the middle of the transport process, a bit damaged, this is no way to do
    The box is of good quality and suitable size. Things can also be sealed.
    Words are not enough, enough, you look at it, ha ha ha

    The box is of good quality, great, just put the clothes to be able to receive in the house is clean! I want to buy some more.
    Baby is really good, inexpensive, other home this size has to be 70 yuan, it is too cost-effective

  4. Basket is very good, keep a bath...Well, the second time to buy, that is too bad packaging, every time they come back, most of the basket in the leakage
    Is better than the picture color deep

    It's pretty.

    Very strong! Bath just! Zan!
    Basket is very good, keep a bath when the use of things, if the owner's attitude is not so cold, the better.

  5. Not expensive and the quality is...Very small … … … achromatic, a little thin
    Baby is very cute, like
    The box is very good very good, that is, a little bit smaller than the imagination, the delivery is very careful, wrapped several layers of paper. No damage!

    Good quality, good
    It's very good, the stars are also very good, very like, ready to buy some, like. Next time you come!

    Not expensive and the quality is not bad, there is no smell, the price is quite high.

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