1. Baby received, feel good,...To wear a ball, really can't stand pilling sweater
    To wear a ball, really can't stand pilling sweater
    15 days buyers did not evaluate
    Thick, without losing hair
    Fire tried, is pure wool like, okay
    Baby received, feel good, comfortable, and like a picture description, should not feel the ball, style is also good, the key is the boss is very satisfied, integrity, fast delivery, to the time, we just can wear the cool side! Give one hundred praise

  2. The clothes are very good. I like...The clothes are really good, especially easy to wear clothes, is what I want.
    The clothes are very beautiful, I like this baby very much, the quality is also very good. Put on the beautiful

    No color and picture quality is not bad, but also recommended to start

    The clothes are very good, the same as the picture, the size is appropriate, very much like, praise Oh

    AMJ bought a lot of times on the quality of their home is very much believe that the purchase of a large number of regulars have been well received in the end

    The clothes are very good. I like it. I don't have any taste. I like this store. I feel like I found the heaven. There are a few things to buy

  3. Red to buy sister sister, very...Good quality, did not think this price can buy mink cashmere sweater in Taobao, a customer has been said to earn 10 dollars, received clothes is a sense, thank you
    It is worth buying
    Clothes received on the try, very comfortable, flexible, good, the price is very favorable to buy
    Packaging is complete, as well as a small surprise, flexibility, the most comfortable one, very comfortable,
    The quality is very good, wear to the body warm, soft, couples dress colleagues expect?
    Red to buy sister sister, very satisfied, than our physical store to buy good quality, thank you boss, will come over

  4. Somehow, the sleeves look like...The clothes received a good effect of good color body material online shopping sellers is very satisfied with the good service attitude
    Fabric material is good, no smell. Dress fit shape, very much like.
    The quality is very good, looks good, the fabric is comfortable, likes very much
    Baby very good, ah, the logistics industry soon ah, yes, like a
    Somehow, the sleeves look like seven points
    Somehow, the sleeves look like seven points

  5. Feels very goodA three, very suitable, is to buy more than and 100 good pants pants pants before, did not expect such a low price to buy such a good pants, value, when the weather is warmer, to buy a little thin, warm effect with velvet is especially good, satisfactory
    Great, very satisfied. Dark grey! Worth buying!

    Have a look after your home purchase?

    Yes, the number is just right

    The amount is not bad

    Feels very good

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