1. Not bad, prettyThe clothes are very nice, the sleeves are a little short, the neck is a little bit tied, wear a long time should be good, very thick clothes, roommates say good-looking, no color difference. Put a very fragrant sachet.

    Customer service attitude is very good O (∩ _&cap); O very thick.
    Good good than imagined
    1 had short sleeves, I'm 155, length, 2 ball, 3 ball will definitely buy a little taste, washed again a bit, to wash several times before the 4 objects and pictures almost, but the details I didn't do well, this is a little loose collar cuffs, a little the

    For her daughter! Pretty good!
    Not bad, pretty

  2. Love itThe material of the clothes wear very comfortable, okay
    Wait a little longer, but fortunately, good customer service attitude, urging the two delivery. Sweater is very good. No one, very warm. Color is color.
    Well, the sleeves are a little short
    Yes, the sleeves are a little short, the longer they are perfect
    The seller services, clothes have a little problem, communication about re orders, delivery is also very fast! Feel fine
    Love it

  3. Pants can alsoThis user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Well, that's a little shorter.
    Well, just do not know will not play ball
    Value for money, the atmosphere is dignified.
    Very good, very like
    Pants can also

  4. Good quality! Simple style...Good quality, there is a small grid can put some things, like
    QAQ - fried chicken stick? And then tell the seller to apologize after a long time to sign, before on the outside, and then to the seller Business Flourishes (=? = *) again

    Like a girl, bought a total of 4
    Like a girl, bought a total of 4
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Good quality! Simple style good-looking

  5. Wearing loose waist, OK, buy for...Cotton is very comfortable to wear, the price value.
    Cotton is very comfortable to wear, the price value.
    Clothes are very like, cute route, a friend read good.
    Wash the shrink, the sleeves are too small and tight.
    Received。 Very comfortable to wear. Good quality. The way I like it. No color. Very satisfied!
    Wearing loose waist, OK, buy for children to wear, see a lot of big evaluation said why not store small size?

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