1. This user does not fill in the...Good, worth buying.
    I would like to have a sense of the quality of the price will be a bit too good to get a good hand, oh, you can rest assured that the purchase of his clothes!!
    I'm about to explode. The clothes are smelly. Fortunately, not in the store to express delivery, has never bought it smelly clothes, not the kind of cloth smell, is the kind of thing rotten taste, simply! There is the color of clothes is yellow, feel more
    Particularly ugly. And the picture is not the same, ugly dead. Look at him, I want to throw it away.
    Things get, very satisfied!! is really super good, answer questions carefully, the key is not to mind taking the trouble, something good, and the goods are too fast, reliable packaging carefully!
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  2. Very good, very thick, very likeYes, very thick, very like

    Worth buying,

    Husband wearing the right size it is appropriate, the quality is also very good, is worth buying, I once bought two ^_^^_^ are not disappointed
    Well, the pants are not bad, just feel a little bloated, but may not wear a winter jacket, feeling, and give a praise, right?
    Quality is very good, very like, very comfortable to wear, no color difference! Praise!
    Very good, very thick, very like

  3. For the family to buy, have to buy...The trousers are very comfortable, thick and soft, and the parents are satisfied.

    Pants pants just fine, the quality is really good, you are cotton, Fifi greatly wear loosely comfortable, like.
    Good on wearing very comfortable cool people very good sellers take the trouble to temper all the heroes find customer is God's feeling I can not buy on behalf of heroes union guarantee here lose conscience can not buy fooled the seller must praise picture
    Good pants. Loose and thick enough to be worth the price
    For the family to buy, have to buy second, although there are second half price, but is separated to buy, but the quality of pants is very good.

  4. Very nice, the fabric is very...Dear, thank you for your visit, we support 8+ days no reason to return to the pro, you have to send shipping insurance, double 11 to buy baby, logistics slow please understand that during the double 11 country is slow, if you really think a long time you c
    I really do not dare to buy things on Taobao, and the picture is too big difference. Style is also very ugly, logistics 10 days to.
    Pretty good! My husband likes it! We can refer to buy oh!
    Feel shy busy recently confirmed late, pants right size, cheap, consistent with the description, fast delivery, good service attitude
    The trousers are very good, my husband likes it very much
    Very nice, the fabric is very smooth, no pilling ball

  5. Good quality of the whole fabric...Recently, wear, easy to pilling. At that time looked pretty good, hey.
    Recently, wear, easy to pilling. At that time looked pretty good, hey.
    In accordance with the above recommendations to buy the right number, 110 of the height to buy the right to buy the first time, the quality is good, the main price of 1212 to buy more cost-effective. Thank you for your present.
    The second purchase, the quality is very good, recommended. Suitable for a little fat baby.
    Very good, looking at the cotton, and bought a two, wearing comfortable, still hesitant mother, seize the time.
    Good quality of the whole fabric is soft and comfortable to wear a pair of socks, the seller is very intimate

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