1. Okay, a little expensive, but very...Good look good logistics for the summer back
    Love is the style of _ ^ ^??
    The store's service attitude is really good Oh, the bag is also good
    Good color, very convenient
    Good-looking。 Good quality.
    Okay, a little expensive, but very cute bear

  2. Very good ah, very good!Nice, I like.
    Satisfied without chromatic aberration
    Very comfortable, very nice
    Pretty good
    Very thick good-looking
    Very good ah, very good!

  3. Purple redLike, collection, will come again.
    That's right. It's a nice coat
    Good quality really skirt
    Good quality really skirt
    Skirt received, logistics pretty fast
    Purple red

  4. Good qualityVery good, useless, consistent with the description
    Literary fan, like
    Very good, multiple purchases!
    Good!! Simple, easy to take, not like the kind of rotten inside, the bag itself is light.

    Something has been received! Is probably because the double eleven logistics too slow! Today, I received, well quality and fabric are good.
    Good quality

  5. It's already worn. It looks good.This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    My sister bought clothes look good for thin girls looks very young girl
    Where the line shoulder is not very good, you can feel a pulling powder, after washing will not fade
    The first time when the clothes received a small problem reflected after the seller is responsible for the handling of the now received a good feeling is that the fade will not be too serious in a very satisfactory
    It's already worn. It looks good.

    It's already worn. It looks good.

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