1. Clothes received a very fit,...Feel good. Be cheap and at the same time very good。 Thank you for your service. The service is chaotic. The two time I sent my goods to Hubei. The goods arrived is not delivered, two days have not received a phone call. Leave the phone online simply can no
    It feels very comfortable. The quality is very good
    It feels very comfortable. The quality is very good
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Clothes length to ankle, very soft, timely delivery, very satisfied with a shopping.
    Clothes received a very fit, customer service attitude is very good recommendation of the code is very suitable, my friends say that the sweater is very soft, they asked me to the website also said to buy a piece of clothing

  2. Fade after washing becomes very...Ultra fast delivery, quality is very good, received the goods on the show, like, will be concerned about the future. Super thin
    This dress is very good, the size is right, I am very satisfied, the next will continue to focus on.
    Clothes have been worn for a few days to wash, do not shrink does not fade, looks particularly new, wearing a very obvious temperament, to the boss point like
    Baby received! It's just the right size, I was shopping second times n crooked, nuts are fat, but wear very thin, very love, thank you.
    Baby quality is very good, the seller service attitude is very good, it is worth buying

    Fade after washing becomes very long, general general.

  3. The quality is good, but not long.Good quality, like
    Good dad is very appropriate in quality can be touched very soft material
    The quality is very good, do not wear the big look at your own body, especially good tassel can also enjoy Da ~ ~

    The clothes are too much like the one I saw in the street, and the price was half the price
    The baby is very good, the effect is good, the clothes are soft, big love! Wish store business is booming!
    The quality is good, but not long.

  4. Good love, love! Is my favorite...Wear very fan
    Wear very fan
    So warm
    Long sleeves,
    Good love, love! Is my favorite type of … …
    Good love, love! Is my favorite type of … …

  5. Good colorQuality can also be a little short length.
    The first to buy this clothes, okay! It's not easy to do things!
    Very beautiful, not bad
    The fabric feel good, size, color is also good, direct picture??

    Now the weather is just like wearing, and pictures, no color, very comfortable to wear, Da
    Good color

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