1. Size standard size appropriatePretty good.

    Pretty good.

    The shoes are beautiful and comfortable to wear.
    The speed of logistics awesome shoes, very good quality are recommended for purchase!
    Old customers, high quality and inexpensive, the quality of absolute leverage drops! Worth sharing!
    Size standard size appropriate

  2. It is not good now just wear soft...The shoes are nice, comfortable to wear, nice looking and cheap!
    I am a repeat guest, shoes, as always, good, lightweight breathable! Feel good?
    Shoes quality is very good, there is a high increase, I 182, put on just 185?

    A little higher, you can, shoes very good, second pairs, and it seems that the ash is not the same, praise, after all, the price is not expensive

    Quite satisfied with the satisfaction of the second purchase satisfaction
    It is not good now just wear soft shoes.

  3. Shoes are sent to father-in-law,...Suitable for thin feet, shoes a little narrow husband feet fat, feeling a bit crowded
    Shoes are very beautiful, very affordable, work is also very good, ROEN wear comfortable, it is worth buying.
    Shoes are very soft and comfortable, is the bottom will feel slippery, generally good
    Received the shoes, the quality is good, a little slow logistics, is a little bit small
    Feet comfortable, very soft foundation, put on the light, out of
    Shoes are sent to father-in-law, father-in-law said to wear appropriate, comfortable, very good

  4. The shoes are comfortable, the...Simple all-match, autumn is very comfortable, wear the right size, I very love!

    The baby is good, the quality is very good, comfortable to wear, the code is also just, always wanted to buy this style of shoes, is like, five points
    Shoes have been received, very like, exquisite workmanship, style beautiful, comfortable to wear, suitable size. Describe and store, is worth buying.
    Shoes very good, is authentic, quality is good, work is also very good, comfortable to wear. Praise
    Good quality shoes Oh, very satisfied, white, very all-match, comfortable to wear, too love.
    The shoes are comfortable, the size is right, the styles and colors are my favorite

  5. Service attitude is very timely,...Very good, and the picture, the soles are relatively soft, fast delivery, satisfaction
    And the picture, like a man, like the next time to see the right to buy a pair!
    The shoes are nice and comfortable!
    Comfortable to wear
    Very comfortable shoes.
    Service attitude is very timely, overall praise oh!

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