1. Buy many times, cheapGood quality, trustworthy.
    Very good quality.
    Too thin to feel bad to buy cheap goods... After long snack bar.. Not very satisfied

    Used two times to break
    Often in this shopping affordable cost small things are also good friends all come to fight single ^_^
    Buy many times, cheap

  2. Very cheap, a little thin. PraiseLook good
    Baby received a lot of love
    Praise! Buy a lot of hair did not leak wrong hair phenomenon, there is no great quality problems. Is the logistics of my good hard … …
    The baby is good, is the state express too slow
    Baby is still very good
    Very cheap, a little thin. Praise

  3. The box is much smaller than the...Pro, the goods to a good place in the trunk of a car, the logistics service is also very fast, especially good

    Received, is too small, the other is good.

    This price, too cost-effective, quality is good, the color is very positive, like not, back on the use of
    Received a large box, open and not broken, the box is very strong, the focus is no taste, can be used to eat can also be installed
    Better than I thought, the packaging is meticulous, the price is reasonable.
    The box is much smaller than the imagination is to write the size of the size of the price can also express a good slow praise

  4. Overall very good convergence, the...Very good, the front can put twenty-four behind can put a dozen. Deliberately put Amani Lip Glaze and Givenchy counterindication kiss a try, TF no problem. The most is to buy dust, very good.

    Yes, the packing is complete and the logistics is very fast
    Good quality! Logistics quickly, five-star praise
    The package is really super tight!! The real material is very thick ~ Armani red tube clarinet to put no pressure inside the ~TF lattice are big enough. It's Guerlain mirror lipstick in … just put a little bit of … 555… finally, althou
    Love is on the level of high-end western style packaging is very good very strong!
    Overall very good convergence, the station is very stable, will not fall. In addition to Guerlain gem lipstick, can put down. Armani lip gloss. Thickness is enough. There are some small flaws, the lid has cracks, some cover is not strict. But does not affe

  5. Is that ok? Okay, not so big, did...Feel thin material, not as thick as a Japanese brand.
    Pretty good
    Larger than expected, good quality
    Very practical
    Quite big, I did not expect that each object is sent a separate courier boxes.. It's a toss up...
    Is that ok? Okay, not so big, did not imagine so much.

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