1. Pants are very thick, warm and...Logistics ultrafast! Pants quality is also very good, very thick velvet very comfortable, it will not fall off, size is also very good! Give the thumbs-up!
    Pants is thick enough to explode, I wear the big Sichuan this day should not be, sooner or later should be good to go out.
    The trousers are so thick that the price is very good! Quality is also very good!
    Action is too large, the trousers will be so … … for reference only one hundred pieces of clothes, I do not bother to toss

    Pro, quick start, her husband super like, put on the super warm and comfortable, it is worth buying
    Pants are very thick, warm and must be very good, to the father and mother to buy one, are very fond of, will come back to patronize

  2. Trousers quality can, even a pair...A particularly good sell pants, I do not know how many of the replenishment.
    For friends to buy, it is very suitable, ah, quite like
    Material is very thick!
    I bought it for my dad. He said he liked it.
    The seller has very good service quality delivery speed is mainly pants is very good and I washed the fade inside velvet thick strong pulling the pull down to buy don't hesitate to buy is made

    Trousers quality can, even a pair of socks for the store

  3. The clothes are very comfortable...Okay, but it doesn't look like cotton
    Is the second time to buy the pants, the quality is also good, and stores the same store service satisfaction!
    Like a little ball
    The trousers are worth the price
    The quality is very good
    The clothes are very comfortable and the quality is very good

  4. I didn't think it was blueThis user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The second time to buy this thing is very good.
    Okay, it is proportional to the price and trousers.
    The cloth is nice and comfortable.
    Quality in general, but also on it
    I didn't think it was blue

  5. Very nice, very comfortable. FiveThis user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Yes, the top one, who will you do so honest.. Oh thank you!
    Good pants
    Very good. Very warm.
    The shopkeeper is good, the quality is OK, very good service
    Very nice, very comfortable. Five



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