1. Very good, the price really tired...Quality can be, do not worry, that is fat, not good collocation
    Pretty good, washed and did not shrink, the fabric is also very comfortable

    Is OK, the skirt is very beautiful, but also significantly long legs, comfortable

    A nice dress. Although I do not want to match what coat. Quality is also very satisfied.

    Beautiful, do not like the skirt is too rigid, style is very good, very thick, anyway happy?

    Very good, the price really tired of the United States will be the future, the skirt out of Kazakhstan ~ ~

  2. It can also be dressed like a...To a really good price to buy this kind of clothes is really very good

    What is particularly good quality. Not the thin material. I 158CM, 43kg or so. Underarm position a little tight. Give you a reference
    Relatively generous, how to say it, it should be pretty good, personally feel that this cloth is not suitable, wearing no shape, a teenage child will be more appropriate to wear
    Just buy clothes, the water after being neutral refill dye, can only buy a. It's a pity, but I'm satisfied with it
    For good quality size is also very suitable to wear nice color is very positive
    It can also be dressed like a … …

  3. Oh greatVery nice bag.
    Super good-looking do not buy a loss ah
    Very beautiful, but also very unique, big love. Good quality.

    It's pretty good
    Give one hundred praise
    Oh great

  4. Suitable size, good fabric,...The quality is very good, the color is also very nice, very like.

    Quality is super good, they haven't found the dress collocation, dress not fade, very thick.
    The quality is good, is the version I expected a little gap, look fat (_: 3 "∠ _)
    Very good praise Oh up bright
    The skirt is good, is not the kind of full spread, or have tightened, so that it will not look big
    Suitable size, good fabric, fashionable

  5. Baby received, the quality is...Oh baby
    The clothes are good, but they are a little thin
    Not yet, but it's good
    Express soon give a praise!
    Daughter likes
    Baby received, the quality is good, feel is also very good, very soft and thick, flower style daughter like, good good

소녀시대 Girlsgeneration 태연 Taeyeon 티파니 Tiffany 윤아 Yoona 유리 Yuri 서현 Seohyun 써니 Sunny 수영 Sooyoung 효연 hyoyeon

소녀시대 Girlsgeneration 태연 Taeyeon 티파니 Tiffany 윤아 Yoona 유리 Yuri 서현 Seohyun 써니 Sunny 수영 Sooyoung 효연 hyoyeon

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