1. Good is good is brokenBao mail and other two boxes, really not easy, absolutely good, good quality can not do. Too value
    Feel very beautiful, look at the picture I took to know, like

    Belly 25, pretty big, put the little fish looks too big, but not broken, packaging is absolutely OK
    Yes, it feels good

    Very thick glass, to send a small thing, although nothing to use Oh, the seller who is very good, specially reminded made two packages, packaging is very tight, so far no damage to send
    Good is good is broken

  2. The fish tank is good, there is no...Fish tank received, intact, very good, the baby finally new home. There is a glass in want of perfection of the adhesive is not very good, there is a 50 yuan fee.

    Fish tank is good, work is still fine, is not enough to filter the system.
    Baby good, packing is strong, thousands of kilometers intact.
    The quality of the fish tank is very good, that is, the color is wrong, my fish tank is black. Glass is also very thick, there is no sign of leakage after filling water, filter power may not be enough, fish feces can not suck up. Ready for use with a filte
    Something good, that is, there is no installation instructions that I installed some time, I hope to have the installation instructions, or too much trouble

    The fish tank is good, there is no place to be satisfied.

  3. The book is for deer, penguin,...The cup is beautiful
    The cup has been received.
    Although the cup a bit expensive, but the color value is still good, there is no smell, worthy of praise
    The glass is nice, the quality looks good, but it's not good.
    Very satisfied with the courier is also very fast
    The book is for deer, penguin, random?

  4. As always, must support, this is...Dear parents, hello! Sorry to bring you bad feelings, what is the problem of goods received, please contact our photo / video online customer service to verify the processing, we will try his best to do customer service service for you, thank you for your
    The edge of the glass glue off, thin cover
    Second times to buy, to help a friend to buy, good quality, cheap
    To help people buy second. Very good, transparent glass, careful packaging.
    The next time, I can not come to the logistics of goods
    As always, must support, this is the second

  5. A big cup is very thickPackaging is very tight, except for some small flaws, others are very good!
    That is a small cup, after the receipt of that big, like a small bowl, drink tea is very beautiful
    The second time, you say. The cup is very good. Well, a wooden spoon. Other prudent
    Things are of good quality, fast delivery, and the boss gave a small gift, support, after you still buy something home.
    Open look, which gave a Weidie, suddenly feel that the seller very cute, although Weidie drop yesterday
    A big cup is very thick

소녀시대 Girlsgeneration 태연 Taeyeon 티파니 Tiffany 윤아 Yoona 유리 Yuri 서현 Seohyun 써니 Sunny 수영 Sooyoung 효연 hyoyeon

소녀시대 Girlsgeneration 태연 Taeyeon 티파니 Tiffany 윤아 Yoona 유리 Yuri 서현 Seohyun 써니 Sunny 수영 Sooyoung 효연 hyoyeon

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