1. Looks not 120, wearing a small,...You can also, customer service attitude is very good, that is, do not have to look good in the imagination, I shot big, and then wear it next year,
    With the picture, don't try, did not wash, do not know will not fade!
    The quality of the trousers is very good
    Good quality, can be set to wear trousers, elastic, nice style, praise!
    Not particularly thick, did not wash do not know do not fade
    Looks not 120, wearing a small, not like denim fabric, but with velvet.

  2. Praise!Praise!


  3. Pants look good, a little too...The quality of clothes and pants are very good, not like a few hundred dollars, very good elasticity, tension will not stretch.
    The clothes are good,
    Like this one
    Very good, a bit loose pants, but fortunately, the quality of sports underwear can also be,
    Quality is very good!

    Pants look good, a little too small.

  4. 10 dollars do not say, something...Good web design, there are a lot of great use, thanks to the seller
    Particularly convenient, save a lot of time!
    Very comprehensive and a lot of good ha ha ~ ~
    Quite satisfied. Preview page. I even had more than and 70 points after the shoot, although some website template quite perfunctory, but overall is good. After the shipment is automatically shipped Baidu cloud link. Sorting classification is also clear, th
    Roughly looked at, but also
    10 dollars do not say, something good, but the content of each magic board is not rich enough, the overall good

  5. Good material, is what I wantBaby very good, very good use, you may wish to try.
    Too much to buy too lazy to write, in short, good things good service
    Things in general, no effect, but not very expensive.
    Very good, good, a lot of content, has been used!
    Too easy, the interview can be finished very well.
    Good material, is what I want

Okay, time to crowdsource! Who had a MARRY Christmas??? We want to see tagging below and tons of submissions on HowHeAskedcom!! ❤️ (To those of you who…

Okay, time to crowdsource! Who had a MARRY Christmas??? We want to see tagging below and tons of submissions on HowHeAskedcom!! ❤️ (To those of you who…

liserloohoo omg I totally did!
erinhunzeker when's the wedding?
I just got asked ^_^
You! deeesalazar
See I want this to be your engagement picture... 😍😍 jesslarsen23
engn33r steelers_babe127 submit yours!!
deboracmf parabéns!!!
I did and so did my beautiful cousin puddles82 !!!! Woo!!!!
taciana.trigo olha só!! Hahaha
breighlynn my dream
Don't worry I'll tell him!! 😘 jesslarsen23
Thanks anna.mae17 😘
itsrissa17 goals
The perfection capture of the moment ❤
Um, that looks amazing! Wish we could have captured it on video
carolinahb 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
mimsy17 it's perfectttt
We got engaged!!!! In front of my family including my sister who got engaged this year as well. bestyearever MARRYchristmas 😍💍🎁🎄👏🏼
preetika24 in India everyone has a MARRY Christmas
Perfect day! 💍🎄😍❤️ _grasiela love ya cuz
kt_fearless we can use these to guide our powerpoints/boards haha
mccall_kosareff sure
illgetyoumypretty this is the cutest Instagram page ever
kt_fearless I know right 😍
internationalflyfisher 💜👏🏼
nicolefoltz08 lilialderfer
mouzounian ❤️
_maydoli give danny ideas ;D

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