1. Very satisfied with a shopping,...Help friends order, buy two, a spring, a cashmere, dark grey, and Navy, the quality is good, she love the dark grey, give her forget pictures. Can not figure. The attitude is very good, express too fast, our side each delivery delivery tact slow, and do no
    Very good version of the old man put on good results very satisfied with the material feels comfortable in recommendation to buy
    Husband 173 high, the weight of 143, wearing 2XL loose length just. Good quality, wear will not fade at.
    Air is very strong, good workmanship, no thread. It is not the kind of fabric pilling. Logistics is fast, too! 5 points
    Pants received, the fabric is really good, feel the warmth is also very high, I intend to start with two to my family!
    Very satisfied with a shopping, pants fabric, color, style, thickness, price can make me happy to accept

  2. Something received, more...Good quality thickness can also be value for money
    OK, wearing work, wide soft comfortable.
    Quality can also look like, just feel that they buy big?
    Baby received, the suitable height of 160 people to wear, not too thick, the height of 168 people wearing short at least one inch, habit.
    The quality is OK, a little taste, wash dried without hope
    Something received, more satisfied. According to the normal code to buy, the price is very high

  3. Very good quality clothes! Good...Really good! Comfortable and stylish! Boss looks good!
    Second bought, as always good.
    I have bought two articles
    That's good. It's a little long

    The trousers are very good, style fashion, Trouser, good-looking, trousers at the bottom of a rope. Personally very much like, there is a need to buy this store next time!

    Very good quality clothes! Good style! Effect of pictures! High cost performance! Buyers like this pants are worth recommending!

  4. Good pants. Plush. Customer...Well dressed, very nice figure! Friends need to buy in you!

    Good quality, is a good choice
    Logistics fast, good quality! Keep trying!
    Wear it up, I don't know if it's going to be like that.
    A good sense of wearing is also very comfortable
    Good pants. Plush. Customer service attitude is very good. Delivery speed and logistics speed is also very fast. All in all, five points!

  5. Wear comfortable, value for moneyIn third the goods is very good
    To buy his son, he said.
    Something has been received! Very good, there is a deep, the next must also patronize ah!
    Can only say OK, in contrast to the price a little expensive.
    Wear comfortable, value for money

    Wear comfortable, value for money

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