1. Very thin, good thingsBaby received! Very satisfied with five-star
    A little thin for autumn
    Not as good as I thought.
    The trousers are comfortable, without any discomfort. The line is strong and beautiful, fine workmanship. There is also sewing sewing bag, durable. By the love of different material breathable fabric design waist part, where it is most likely to sweat. Hei

    Soft and comfortable clothes
    Very thin, good things

  2. Bought the second timeWell, it's a good fit
    Like the picture, not bad
    Nice warm
    I like it very much
    Bought the second time

  3. Sorry for the wrong map.) good babyWhen the pants on real things warm, a cool wind! Praise!
    Pretty good! Yesterday, playing breathable breathable warm, very good package.
    Great, L larger than the domestic code, feeling better than the domestic quality

    Bought a set. No problem, genuine, feel more comfortable to wear

    The shopkeeper recommended size is genuine,
    Sorry for the wrong map.) good baby

  4. This pants fabric, workmanship,...Good quality, affordable, cost-effective, there is no color, it is worth buying, five-star praise.
    The size is too small, the quality is not very good
    Help others to buy good, cheap to frighten ~ with belt
    The trousers are very love, wearing a stylish charm!
    The trousers are very love, wearing a stylish charm!
    This pants fabric, workmanship, quality, style, are very like, but also very satisfied that there is a color difference, I see the kind, and no difference between black, but I took a deep blue ah! Well, this is a small matter, black on black, anyway, not u

  5. Yes, to help a friend to buy, she...I think this pair of trousers is very practical and very beautiful Do not pick people.
    The trousers are very appropriate, but the seller to size is correct, it is love, give the family to buy 2 time, logistics is awesome, sellers and good service attitude, super love pants zipper, give the seller a praise stick!!
    Is there crotch pants is good, feel a little small, not loose! But it's comfortable! Looks very thin, very warm
    The price of a piece of goods, although a little cheaper but not very thick, the only good is a pocket zipper, put things are not easy to fall
    The quality is very good, my legs are too long, put on a little short, the boss has to lengthen the more perfect
    Yes, to help a friend to buy, she said like, color is very good quality! Plush, comfortable

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