1. Fortunately, a little bit of...High quality and inexpensive
    Good things, oh, a most unhappy shopping!
    The price is expensive
    The quality is very good, very satisfied. But there is no logistics information so that I have more than a concern.
    Logistics soon boss is very nice ^_^
    Fortunately, a little bit of taste, little effect

  2. Logistics fast. Because glass...Just received the cup quality is very good, the price is very affordable, very like.

    The cup is bought to the father, the delivery speed is very fast, the cup is very big, he said to drink a day is enough, very good use, satisfaction
    Love this super cup. Can't wait to get back on a cup. Love.

    The cup is a lot better than I thought … … there is a fan, it is worth starting

    Yes, it's bigger than I thought
    Logistics fast. Because glass filter rod cannot come out in consultation with the store, and finally solving the. Good attitude,

  3. Very satisfied, very happy...Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Her daughter likes it. When she comes home, she puts the fish in the fish bowl

    This tank can also Oh, no damage,

    Baby very satisfied

    Very good is very thick, such as courier slow

    Very satisfied, very happy shopping, I wish the seller business is booming!

  4. Nice vase! Good-looking! Seller...Baby is perfect, tall
    The crystal clear glass vase is very good-looking, very full, or other, is to buy me a lily with the bottle, how nice, I picked a long time on the Internet, I saw this bottle on the next single, and I wasn't disappointed, too good, I very love, praise, pra

    Pretty good

    Ultra fast speed quality is very good very thick
    Baby is thick. Pretty pretty
    Nice vase! Good-looking! Seller intentions! The middle of the two layer of the box with a thick foam

  5. Very heavy, very thick. Well done!Very beautiful, especially like.
    Yes, that's a little nausea
    Buy a large, really good ah, sent a bottle of nutrient solution bar, broken, the whole box is wet! The vase is satisfied???


    Very heavy, very thick. Well done!

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