1. Full marksVery good texture can be loaded like

    Practical´╝ü My sister is going to have a mother?

    Bosses are great things!

    Delivery of goods is also a good package
    It's a little bit better
    Full marks

  2. Bigger than expected! But not bad!The baby is very good, very love, especially the use of good quality, good service, not only the boss, the courier will soon receive two days of things, true love, bought four gave two
    The quality is good, the price is also mailed, satisfied!
    Has been used, very good, to the quick start
    General like myself, anyway, I can not hook hook
    Too Mini
    Bigger than expected! But not bad!

  3. This user does not fill in the...Things are pretty good! Under the bed can also put a!
    Something good, basically no taste, worried about the damage of the transport process does not occur.
    Can only say that the logistics is too poor, the first time to send the bad two, second reissue and a bad. Too much trouble, do not want to change.
    Send to the wheel broken two, said the replacement has not happened
    Send to the wheel broken two, said the replacement has not happened
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  4. This is really good, ready to buy...The cup is very good?
    Feichangh very good, very like
    Well, baby, the material is plastic. And then it's pretty big. Gave the cup brush.
    Received the goods, the same as the child before, give a good
    Well, just do not know if the fall, there will be cracks, but still very satisfied
    This is really good, ready to buy a few

  5. Baby received. Good quality.I'm not going to say anything. All bang bang da. Just a little... Express on the change! So people Zaoxin. It's too bad for your family. It's not fast, it's not cute.
    Very large! I did not expect such a big, pink should be better, but no
    Has bought second very good, very convenient to travel
    Good. But there is a lot of dust in the racks, slightly dirty.
    Things are very good quality, last year to buy a backpack, buy clothes hangers this year, a trusted seller
    Baby received. Good quality.

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