1. Differential evaluation! Get the...Poor quality of the house is good for others to refund and not to return also delete chat record bad mobile phone shell that is not simply impossible. Advise you not to buy. There are gaps in the film paste. The first difference in the poor and the poor th

    Taobao for so many years for the first time the poor, that the flowers are printed up, but it is a sticker, but after the shell is particularly thin, especially not worth the money, back and trouble, really speechless. When you buy a lesson, persuade pro,

    Not satisfied with the explanation not bad customer service for a long time are not do things carelessly.
    Bad tempered film too brittle, haven't posted on the bad, drunk, too bad, a waste of money $_
    What do you mean, express rejected for so long, now put things in the courier company so long express can not contact you, things have been put in where they are, you don't give me a refund even, again and again refused to refund me, I don't play, really d

    Differential evaluation! Get the goods is bad, contact with the seller, they solve the problem of attitude is very general, so a few days and then express, send you a bad tempered film, my heart will inevitably be somewhat unpleasant facts before, want to

  2. Seller service is very goodThe lid is very loose, a water break, a heavy heart, must be bad, almost two hundred of the pot ah!
    After receiving the baby immediately used a super easy to use, the appearance is beautiful, timely delivery, I now take a home for the son
    Very satisfied with a shopping, the next opportunity will come again
    Seller service is very good
    Thank you, thank you very much for your support, the problem is solved, welcome to the next visit
    Seller service is very good

  3. Good quality, good use.Praise! Because I was busy, so I got it today
    Very good material, and easy to use.
    Something has been received
    Good use, very convenient
    Used, not easy to wash the outside.
    Good quality, good use.

  4. This user does not fill in the...Bought a lot of film, not a broken. The quality of other goods are also very good. Particularly good quality, but also to your home to buy oh.
    Cheap and quality, preferential leverage, has many times. The seller and thoughtful service
    Long term fragile goods
    Very good very good tempered film
    Very good very good tempered film
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  5. This user does not fill in the...very good
    High quality and inexpensive! Pretty good!
    STO too turtle speed, poor hair
    STO too turtle speed, poor hair
    Good things, in this too slow for six days

    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

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