1. Not that big, but with good thingsReceived, the same as the picture, very practical, home helper
    Fortunately, the taste is not very large, is not particularly hard a little soft
    More practical, if the solid point is better!
    Well, there is smoke bead burr, leakage, reflect after replacement
    Things are good, that is too much to worry about delivery
    Not that big, but with good things

  2. Very easy to useSo thin! It's a little dirty. It doesn't look like a new one. Like a long time.
    Things received, but found that they do not sell a 8.8?
    Can also be a little drum below
    Dear, I really regret, have any of the products, you can contact our customer service, can give you a return or replacement free of charge, thank you for your support and hope to get your understanding.
    Loose lid
    Very easy to use

  3. Cheap, good service, fast deliveryThe goods have arrived
    Business package very carefully

    Very easy to use, used to take things very well.
    Size just good, very good use.
    The seller is very intimate, express is also relatively fast, the price is also cheap.
    Cheap, good service, fast delivery

  4. Not yet more thickThis user does not fill in the evaluation.

    Good looking, as imagined
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    This thing is really too much garbage, half of all his clothes off the ground, open the shelf, a little shaky ah … … I almost do not give people a bad rating …
    Not yet more thick

  5. It's really good. The seller's...Baby very good quality super love delivery very fast stores service attitude is super good

    Finally received the goods, had to express when the courier company said I did not express, I am angry, I would like to give a bad review, but the quality of your goods conquered, the service is also very good so I give praise
    Shop family super good, sent a lot of small gifts, bottles of good quality or not, very satisfied
    Easy to use, good-looking, can be loaded with boiling water
    Very good version of the bottle is very handsome courier soon
    It's really good. The seller's attitude is really good. He likes to give him a head sticker

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