1. Very good, comfortable and warm,...My mother looks very good, very thick cotton padded jacket, not very bloated, look!

    Good baby, the quality is very good, the size is right, the mother is very satisfied, all five points!

    What work is good, that is, the color of purple is a little big, customer service is a light problem, the first post did not open the flash shot, second ad map color

    My mother wore a little old-fashioned and gave two aunts, two aunts wearing super nice, long fat just right down the cold weather just wear, the key is the old love happy, what is the value of
    Clothes mother wear good-looking, color is also good, my mother likes, the main wear warm!

    Very good, comfortable and warm, really warm, this value, and continue to focus on

  2. Pretty goodWell, it's better to have a s code
    Very thick is not bad
    Super quality. Very value,
    The quality is good, is too big
    Good like
    Pretty good

  3. A little expensive, buy a...Like good-looking
    Inconsistent with graph
    Super love
    Super pretty
    The clothes really super love? Just wash a sleeve does not fade yo, love can be bold.

    A little expensive, buy a high-quality version, do not know what is the difference with the ordinary version, sellers are awesome, wear to the Tibet United States and the United States, or cold, is also head a little bit more, I still very love styles.

  4. Pro, the goods should tell you...Online shopping is not satisfied for the first time

    Very loose, not fat

    Very loose, not fat

    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The clothes, is too thin, or very slim, suitable for spring and early autumn wear
    Pro, the goods should tell you this is a thin section, call your reference store with the money plus velvet baby, is your own to thin ah, how can you blame us, not satisfied with the pro can apply for the return, we will give you a full refund.

  5. The quality is general, the...Good quality, very thick, but they do not feel comfortable to wear, a little too mature, so give back
    Good clothes! A little bit according to the number of customer service said to buy, but the overall good!
    Good quality clothes, and photos of a sample, the price is quite reasonable drops
    Nice clothes. It is the inside of the sleeve that is long, and when you wear it, you can't get out of it
    Style can be too hard fabric
    The quality is general, the clothes are too thin

Repost europe4snsd with repostapp ・・・ 151227 SNSD - Gayo Daejeon Red Carpet…

Repost europe4snsd with repostapp ・・・ 151227 SNSD - Gayo Daejeon Red Carpet…

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