1. Personally feel that the quality...Good clothes, good quality
    I really want to get excited to cry ah clothes apart very love of good quality texture is also very good feeling the price of more than and 100 made five hundred or six hundred feel the first time at this decisive turn on dresses loyal fans for clothes tha

    Have not seen the original, but the price for this quality is really very good! The fabric can be thick, woolen coat to wear. Satisfaction and repurchase
    Very satisfied! The quality of leverage, although not bought a big house, but rushed home the Xian flap texture, after buying a net red in your home! Buy before the leather skirt is a good deer! Wait for my shoes to fill the photos! I 158 weight of 96, buy
    Just received the test could not understand, feel the color styles are not love, but then put everyone in the family that good-looking, significantly high color figure, wear out shopping more and more beautiful, and the back rate, personally feel that the
    Personally feel that the quality is very good, after wearing the re evaluation. Is for my version slightly larger, but the whole time. It's very warm and very thick

  2. Version is good Oh, very western...Woolen coat received, wear effect is very good, the version is also positive, logistics is also very fast, especially the buyer service is also very good, accidentally shot the wrong size also contact me to give me advice size, great, has a collection of s

    Not bad, very comfortable to wear, good service attitude, delivery speed, to praise
    Good quality, fast logistics, like
    Very slim, wear good, touch can ^_^

    I have to praise, really good, fine workmanship, no flaws, this one, it seems really good Korean fan.
    Version is good Oh, very western style, fabric, non pilling, and the size is accurate, fast delivery

  3. This user does not fill in the...The goods have been received, the quality is good, does not have the taste, just fits well.

    Open to see the feel good, as if the point of the logistics service a good point of praise
    I thought the clothes are not afraid to wear, but also like this paragraph, the arrival of the trial is appropriate, do not rub
    Very good-looking。 Show thin. Ha-ha。 Very satisfied with “ the most important is thin ”

    Very good-looking。 Show thin. Ha-ha。 Very satisfied with “ the most important is thin ”

    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

  4. The quality is very good, the...In order to travel in advance to buy the skirt. My mother is too fat to wear a little short! When the camera as far as possible to pull down the skirt, and bought a long white T. The results of the mother is still quite satisfied with the HA ha! Recommende

    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Very straight, do not fade. 165 wear 90 to ankle, very elegant. Meimei. Is a little lighter than the color of the imagination, and the picture, no color, or very good looking.

    The pendant is a very good sense of color is red wine under the three layer skirt beautiful 165 I wear just a little over the top to the foot

    Very good quality! In Shenzhen can not be beautiful in winter! Some of the cold inside the pants also can not see! The two layer will be a little color, the three layer is very good! Put on a good fairy! Skin white girl must choose this color! Good tender!

    The quality is very good, the material is good. Is afraid that the elastic band will loose, now just wear good. The 3 layer will look more thick, summer, or buy a more refreshing two layers. Want to get a piece of rice white

  5. Not zirconium, skirt a little...Not worn, touch the quality is good, I like the plate
    Customer service is good, dress color, style is slim, it is worth buying!
    The quality is very good, very soft and very vertical
    Baby received, looks good, thank you for choosing a long enough to help the seller dress
    It's a good thing
    Not zirconium, skirt a little longer.

Repost europe4snsd with repostapp ・・・ 151227 SNSD - Gayo Daejeon Red Carpet TaeNy…

Repost europe4snsd with repostapp ・・・ 151227 SNSD - Gayo Daejeon Red Carpet TaeNy…

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