1. Size is very standard fabric very...Goods received by her mother is very satisfied with the recommended size of the customer service is also worth buying fabric
    This price is OK to buy the clothes, my mother likes it
    Clothes received, the boss to the size of the proposed just, the color is also very like, the next will come.
    Clothes received, work is very good, the size of the right, logistics quickly, a satisfactory shopping.
    Something good, no color difference, it is worth buying
    Size is very standard fabric very comfortable color

  2. In the city of graffiti shoot ~ ~...The color is too deep, not worth
    The clothes is very nice, very fit, like material, careful buy
    A little fade, the other is good
    Yes, very good, that is, some color, dark color a lot
    In the city of graffiti shoot ~ ~ coat quality is very good, good, parents can start, 60kg, 163cm, M, for reference only

    In the city of graffiti shoot ~ ~ coat quality is very good, good, parents can start, 60kg, 163cm, M, for reference only

  3. Unfortunately, no black black...Give yourself a gift, not handsome, good quality fabrics, stripes, very pretty, very handsome.

    The material is very comfortable, very love husband
    Baby everything is OK, that is, I do not want to Express Couriers
    Received the clothes, and the store description, very good, the body effect is very good
    Very good! Seller's attitude is very good, although the clothes have a small defect but the seller direct red compensation. Very full of meaning myitta.
    Unfortunately, no black black effect should be better

  4. Satisfied, the old customerThe quality is very good, very satisfied, customer service super good, thank you!
    The straps are a bit cumbersome. Fast delivery.
    Meet with the emperor is beautiful, her atmosphere fascinated me. Repeatedly bought a few very satisfied, have returned, because she is too large. Here tell beautiful sisters than usual our number is appropriate, I usually is XXXL, this coat XL is just rig
    It is 164 feet long paragraph is to wear high heels to effect this dress can be used three words to describe a long heavy vertical wearing only good-looking
    The clothes look good, but they are not knitted
    Satisfied, the old customer

  5. Okay ' is too large; '...The material is very comfortable Oh, to my aunt bought one, love?
    Very good, very good, very comfortable fabric, that is, the number is too large, it is recommended to buy small, very good Austrian
    It's not bad, it's really a big one ~ 165 to the lower part of the calf
    The clothes are nice and comfortable.
    My daughter is very comfortable, it is very beautiful, satisfied
    Okay ' is too large; ' wearing a very comfortable '

It's a good fit for me

It's a good fit for me - 2016-12-08

Very thin, who closed the eyes of the thick.
Good with the description of the same, you can rest assured that the purchase, I have not yet received a red! Look forward to … …
Good quality! Wearing a very comfortable! It's just a little too big for the waistline!

Still can be, that is, I do not think the fabric is a bit thin, as a whole is not bad
Clothes fit well, because it is so busy recently, so it is time to comment, there is no time to take photos. The quality of the clothes is perfectly acceptable.
It's a good fit for me

The trousers is good, seems not fade, wear again comments, very satisfied!

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