1. The cup is back, like it very...Buy to give the cup good packaging can also is the inside cloth do not know why a little moldy ah but also affect the appearance quality of the products is the cup can do not know why there is a saying do not understand the taste of wash should be just fin
    The cup is very heavy. It's very nice. Customer service attitude is also very good, there is a cup with a little flaw, immediately said give me a replacement!

    Yes, the service is good.
    The cup is very beautiful, although the post in a broken, the store immediately reissued a, also back up the postage, integrity is good, have a friend in need will introduce!

    Why is the box so delicate, the box is so green. Fortunately, bought the original spoon, spoon feeding water texture is not good.... The glass texture was okay, but the rose color picture is not so shallow, atmosphere... Buy a red blue Mug coaster, is drun
    The cup is back, like it very much, the glass is very thick, just come back on Christmas Day

  2. What should be the first to play...Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Has been unable to Tucao, this film has not yet sent me the quality of the film to buy a good!
    Is the second time to buy, very good, good anti fall ability
    Logistics quickly posted a very good fit
    What should be the first to play ah, send the goods, up to now no one to ask the customer service of a strength decline, ask no one to ignore me, do business, I also took twenty dollars, I don't want it, that you buy medicine

  3. Too large, it is recommended to...Very good, thin breathable, non fading

    Good quality, no thread, dry fast, fast delivery! Personally feel that the number of boys!
    This is too explosive · · · · went to Thailand, unlimited time to see other people wear the same · · · and then never crossed.
    The number is too large, and the big pants will fall down, elastic
    Good quality very good very satisfied

    Too large, it is recommended to buy a small code

  4. Yesterday finally go to the spa...Get a circle of friends praise pants

    Things will soon be received, the style is good. This should be the only European code, the S code is still quite large
    Seems to buy big, but it doesn't matter ~ pretty good-looking.

    Especially like fashion!

    The quality is very good, very good looking, is the feeling is small
    Yesterday finally go to the spa cast, good swimming trunks, no swimming trunks that concavity than before a lot

  5. The price is very high, the next...The brakes are OK, very thick, is the feeling of brake die, installed smoothly, the seller is also great, and actively contact the courier

    Can kill the car. For a few days. Bang Bang Da again next time
    Do not wear, slip a circle back on the smooth
    Transport soon after the car has not been used to recover
    Can also Ba, cheap
    The price is very high, the next time to come

Good next time to buy, cheap and good quality

Good next time to buy, cheap and good quality - 2016-12-28

The pants are so big! Had intended to buy his son long and large, the results of my mother is also appropriate to wear a little tight,
The value of an online shopping, the next time the home
Ready for an additional two days.
Baby received, the quality is very good
Good, very good. Five stars.
Good next time to buy, cheap and good quality

Good next time to buy, cheap and good quality
To help a friend to buy, with the

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