1. Two shipping D big light luxury...Two shipping D big light luxury Gucci Qiu dongkuan style dress

    The import and export of two or three generation factory line light luxury clothing, the one and only supply channels, the company's main wholesale agent entity. At present, the country has an entity to join the shop 8, UNIQUE trademark has been registered for a small amount of Weixin update faster Weixin number: ChareJin or 15226192872

  2. Graduated from the album DIY set...Graduated from the album DIY set the production of customized personalized message to the students of the University

  3. The hall carpet doormat mat door...The hall carpet doormat mat door doormat custom tailoring door mats and household water entry

    Private custom door entrance mats, buy send with 40*60 a mat for you to solve the problem of irregular shape of mid autumn gifts

  4. Chinese style simple style living...Chinese style simple style living room sofa sofa bed full IKEA continental European style modern tea table bedside floor mats

    Using pure manual stereo cut process, three-dimensional pattern has caused, good elasticity, anti fouling, anti mildew, moth, acrylic carpet fiber lightweight, plump, high strength, good insulation performance, flame retardant; moderate price. Feel similar to wool, after flame retardant treatment is not easy to burn.

  5. Fimo dolls customized clay...Fimo dolls customized clay figurine carved DIY graduation photo wedding birthday surprise my real personality clay

Did not wear a few times on the balloon.

Did not wear a few times on the balloon. - 2017-01-04

The quality is good, if only a little thicker
Thick! Sure
Recently very busy, forget the evaluation... Bought so many leggings, which is relatively satisfactory, praise praise
Not very skinny and very easy to bad
In two, a little pills
Did not wear a few times on the balloon.

Did not wear a few times on the balloon.
Baby received, good quality, logistics fast, good attitude, 10 praise, praise.

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