1. Leggings of waist and sleeves are...Baby received, looks really good, very warm to wear. Absolute 5
    I bought a cuff, good quality, and bought the leggings, tried it, no problem, I was fat thighs, necking position feel tight, Tuicu girl carefully chosen, but can choose a short, very warm, the way to wear, recommended to buy

    The handle is really very good, the elasticity is also very good, is also long enough!

    Baby will soon receive it, feel very good, very soft

    The baby is very nice, very comfortable!!!

    Leggings of waist and sleeves are bought, I am quite satisfied with the quality of the home, not to wear leggings, hope not to touch down the quality is also good, and the washing liquid

  2. Customer service attitude is very...Delivery soon satisfied
    Very practical will come again, it is worth buying
    Received, good quality, satisfactory
    Too good too good too.
    Yes, value
    Customer service attitude is very good

  3. The second time to buy, the first...Feel good, color pretty good grades, user-friendly design, let me fall in love with water!
    Very good satisfaction

    Value for money, what money what price do not feel hot, not Water Leakage, no smell
    Very good cup, bought for my sister, look good shape, I hope the quality is guaranteed.
    The rubber ring is easy to dirty, the other good
    The second time to buy, the first white to use their own, this is to buy her husband, there is no taste

  4. Things are more delicate, is the...Very good, very good quality, the most important thing is the customer service, really good, good patience for me to solve the problem, a point like!
    Everything else is okay, just a little bit small
    Is a little small, the other is very good
    It's a little expensive
    Good quality, no smell, very satisfied with a shopping
    Things are more delicate, is the logistics of death, slower than the turtle is slow

  5. Things are not badGood hanger easy to use, it is slippery, it is worth buying.
    Listen to the recommendation of colleagues to buy the grace is good enough
    Good things do not say, look forward to the next cooperation.
    Can ah, the price is ok.
    Things are not bad
    Things are not bad

Quality is quite good, thick enough

Quality is quite good, thick enough - 2016-12-17

Very like, very good quality
Quality is very good, give praise
To help a friend to buy very satisfied
Right size, great,
Quality is very good, very satisfied with a shopping, will often visit
Quality is quite good, thick enough

Quality is quite good, thick enough
Trousers quality is really good yo

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