1. As well as in the past, the second...Well, the material is also very comfortable to wear, exercise, in addition to meet tight splits, sports demand
    Pants in general, the quality can be, and the physical does not match, I hope the seller a lot of improvement, the price is cheaper,
    This price can buy such a good pants really ok!!! Have time to buy one more order.
    This dress is very good. It fits well. We like it very much. Next time to buy

    As well as in the past, the second purchase, first bought Khaki camouflage, try this desert, great great, the baby is very good, not what the thread like, and seams of neat cloth also feels very comfortable, husband tried, it looks very nice, next time wil

  2. The quality of the trousers is...Good clothes, elastic, cashmere thickness, value for money, worth buying, winter has come, just come in handy, very happy shopping! To store 5 star!!!
    Stylish pants are nice. The material is thick
    The trousers are very good, fine workmanship, good price
    Like a cloth soft and comfortable, kind and beautiful picture
    Thick, feel good, very warm, pure color, satisfaction
    The quality of the trousers is very good, it is possible to buy too many people, logistics is a bit slow, but for the received last night, did not attend to try today to try just right

  3. Inexpensive, it is recommended,...The trousers are very comfortable and very warm, ·
    The trousers are very comfortable and very warm, ·
    The pants feel fine and warm, work is also very good, good oh!

    The trousers are thick and fluffy
    The trousers are thick and fluffy
    Inexpensive, it is recommended, very thick, warm enough

  4. Good quality, no color, beautiful...Cheap, good quality
    Very good, just a little fade and dyeing
    Well, not to wear, wear and other special effects,
    The second purchase! Po mom can start oh!
    Good quality pants
    Good quality, no color, beautiful style, big love!

  5. Second times the purchase of good...Boots, as usual, after all, is the price, but still value for money,
    In the same store to buy shoes, dirty dirty, good good, want to look at the above figure, or forget.
    The shoes are wet and heavy.
    Something good.. Like it, it is a big shot??? Ready to send people!!
    It's too big for my brother to wear
    Second times the purchase of good quality wear is also very comfortable … …


Praise! - 2016-12-25

Logistics fast, business services are also good.
The quality is very good, not easy to wrinkle, is not easy to static electricity
Satisfied, very comfortable


Well, that is the waist is too loose, old.

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