1. Admission is very convenient!...Courier has not demolished, it should be pretty good
    Is that ok?
    Good quality, that is a little small grid
    Good quality.
    Appearance is very beautiful, good quality!

    Admission is very convenient! Praise!

  2. A very beautiful cup, very love,...This cup is very durable
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    Pro, I have a long head, you rest assured!! Dear, here and you say, if the water quality problems, such as Water Leakage, please provide us with effective Water Leakage photos or video, is the quality problem, we will give you a replacement or return proce
    Quality too, but also do not give change, said to install water and then shoot, really interesting, more than and 20 dollars worth of stuff is not good, we all pay attention to

    Okay, okay
    A very beautiful cup, very love, no smell, very convenient tea

  3. Well, no placeThings are good for the map
    Yes, you can buy
    Very good, practical and convenient
    Very good, very like! Recommended to colleagues
    Yes, no smell
    Well, no place

  4. Quality is very good, the space is...Material workmanship is very good, very strong, the price is relatively cheap
    Compared to a lot of home, the best quality, and will come back
    Plastic basket is very good, very thick, very good quality, very satisfied.
    Good quality, thick and strong, practical.
    The material is very thick, can also work.
    Quality is very good, the space is very large, can hold a lot of things

  5. Can only say that there is no good...As good as a picture
    Mini box
    Wood has completely crushed, very good-looking and practical, cheap. Zambrotta.
    Things are cheap and easy to buy
    Very cute, but also very easy to use, is a little taste
    Can only say that there is no good cheap goods

The cloth is not very good

The cloth is not very good - 2017-03-27

Very good friends like it very much
Feel good quality
Pretty good to wear just buy at ease
Good ah, a little thicker than shorts, it was very comfortable
A very strong pants
The cloth is not very good

The cloth is not very good
The trousers are very good work and no color difference, especially the seller will come back to buy

the blog from The cloth is not very good


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