1. In the super warm, Tianjin so...It's so thick, you can only wear a pair of trousers in winter.
    Catch up with the snow weather in Beijing received, yes, it should be very warm to wear, and then start with a daughter.
    It's too thick. Right on。 When the cold weather can not wear warm single wear.
    How to evaluate it, praise it. Warm no problem, is feeling a little bloated.
    The trousers are very thick, wear is also very comfortable, most want to mention is that the seller's service, good impress, wrong color pants, erhuamoyue gave a hair, called a fast speed,
    In the super warm, Tianjin so cold, out completely free of pressure, big love, and the length is in place, I am 173.

  2. Yes, it's comfortable to wear.Things in general it, on this price Mody, a point of the price of goods
    The boss is very good, because their own reasons need to return, immediately to me
    Overall good ~ very good
    The quality is very good, should not play ball!
    Very good, very suitable. Children like
    Yes, it's comfortable to wear.

  3. Very satisfied with the price...The truth is that good, better than expected, the material is also OK, very thick! May be some of the reasons I am thin, I feel a little loose!
    Very good, put on the right, good, next time

    Good pants, plus fat! Good quality, value for money! Buy two, like a?

    A little too wide, my body can not wear problems, also do not return, because quality is OK, just to send the relatives, customer service is relatively good, praise!
    The quality is very good, the price can buy such a good husband to buy pants, to wear on the site, he said, very comfortable to wear, but also helped him to call me later?, customer patience is good, I recommend the size is just right, the absolute star pr
    Very satisfied with the price affordable, good fabrics, delivery speed, no good comment

  4. The trousers are thick and the...Very good, wear warm oh. There is a 23.
    Pants to receive, pants, a lot of hair, is not how heavy, I shot a little big, anyway, can wear
    It's very thick and very warm and comfortable
    Really good. Do not know much. The evening to take my nephew.
    Very good pants, thick enough, pants also look good
    The trousers are thick and the fabric is soft.

  5. Pants just got not yet worn feel...The quality is good, the pants is thin, the attitude of the seller is OK, express is too slow!
    Winter should take a big number two, good quality, satisfaction
    To help a friend to buy, cloth thick enough, friends say good
    Baby very good, this is the third visit, last year bought 2.
    Thrum more, they aren't strong
    Pants just got not yet worn feel good all praise … …