1. This is not a good …Baby color is pretty good, combined, practical and beautiful, very good.
    The box is very good,
    Things received, all five-star praise
    Good son likes it
    Not bad, but a bit thin, soft, do not know the knot is not strong
    This is not a good …

  2. The clothes were received. Feel...Good wearing soft and comfortable feeling of conscience clothes so Bang Bang Da to the boss praise
    Fabric is cotton, the quality of work is really good, fast delivery, praise.
    Clothes work very well, to help my sister to buy, my sister likes to wear
    Clothes work very well, to help my sister to buy, my sister likes to wear
    Clothes received, the quality is very good, very like
    The clothes were received. Feel very good, my mother also think I wear good, will come later

  3. The quality of the clothes is...This dress is as good as the picture
    Pretty nice is the feeling of a little thick hat, thank you for your little gift
    Clothes color is the right size, thank you for the gift of scarves and small comb.
    Good quality and description.
    Very good woman, is a little small
    The quality of the clothes is really good, the fabric feels comfortable, upper body effect is good, like

  4. Clothes received immediately...Logistics is very fast, long, like praise.
    Good quality! Super love
    Good quality clothes look good. Seller service attitude is very good
    The clothes are very beautiful
    Very good, but also bought one, logistics is also very fast!
    Clothes received immediately tried, the version is very good, put on beautiful, looks good texture oh! The recommended size is very fit, that is, the sleeves are a little short because my arms are longer, but acceptable

  5. Clothes received, the size is just...Upper body effect is very good, like the picture with no special color

    The clothes are good and the problem is solved immediately. Thank you for your children like there is a need to come

    A little darker color, style can be, the size of the right, did not wash do not know will not fade, cold and then wear it
    The quality is very good, help others to buy, the result is more than my imagination. Really good, especially if you buy quality satisfaction, how have two hundred or three hundred blocks in our store, quite thick, also very neatly. All five points praise
    The clothes received the color and the picture is very fit as well as the need to patronize
    Clothes received, the size is just good, good quality is the kind of style.