1. Quality can also be a little...So long, I feel a little bigger
    Good is a bit.
    I took two pairs of pants I took a pair of pants are the same code, and then the seller sent the wrong number of two.
    Just wash the clothes received, do not fade, is made of cotton, a little big, after the new year can also wear goods very quickly, praise!
    Dongdong is very good, very good packaging, after the event will come to participate.
    Quality can also be a little plastic feeding

  2. Pants received, the quality is...Pants received, fabric feel good, wearing a stylish, good quality.
    Pants fabric is good, just the size, wearing quite comfortable, it is worth buying!
    The trousers are a little bit longer. The quality is pretty good. The same color and picture.
    Just put on the pants, the fabric is very good, good style
    Clothes received, very good, good quality, the fabric feels comfortable, the seller is very patient
    Pants received, the quality is very good, very comfortable to wear, consistent with the description, satisfaction!

  3. very goodThank you for your support.

    Pants received, a very good leg length, more satisfied with a shopping

    Bought really so this price is also the thing
    very good
    Thank you for your support.
    very good

  4. Very good, is a bit heavy, good...The shoes are very comfortable fit, especially love, has been introduced! Colorless satisfaction
    The shoes are very comfortable fit, especially love, has been introduced! Colorless satisfaction
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Super shoes. The size is not right foot. A very nice style of shoes
    The shoes have been received.. Quality is good, customer service is also very good, logistics is also OK... In a word, good.

    Very good, is a bit heavy, good quality, no color difference, service attitude is also very good.

  5. So nice ~Very good delivery speed fast service attitude or super good like five-star praise?
    The size is just right..
    Express soon, has not worn it, like a?
    So nice ~


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