1. Randall is very dark, very good...The quality is very good, feels very soft
    It's beautiful, it's worth it
    A difference, the difference...
    Super praise
    Randall is very dark, very good quality

  2. We basically buy the OfficeThe quality is good, there is no color difference, and the business description
    Baby has received, logistics quickly, like
    The quality is very good, fully consistent with the seller described very satisfied, really love, completely beyond the expected value, delivery speed is very fast, very careful, tight packaging, logistics delivery service attitude is very good, very fast,
    The quality is very good, fully consistent with the seller described, very satisfied with the goods intact
    This shirt will soon be in our office
    We basically buy the Office

  3. Return postage has not returned to...Pants can also be large size
    This is second! Two father and son each one, the quality is very good, very like.
    Bought for his son. He tried it on Saturday.
    A very good pants, my father likes,
    The quality is very good
    Return postage has not returned to me, this is not a lie?

  4. Is a, praise constantly,The trousers are very good, I want the material and style

    Praise. Clothing size appropriate to wear comfortable

    Things are good, the seller is also good. Really like to have to buy two look like!

    Second times to buy, good quality, high cost.

    Logistics fast customer service is very good very good very good. I bought it two times. Wish you a prosperous business.

    Is a, praise constantly,

  5. Baby pretty good, ready to buy a...Originally thought that years ago not received, did not expect the logistics so awesome. It's warm and long enough. Henan weather, go out for a walk in the evening, there is no problem.

    Trousers are very thick and plush comfortable to wear

    My brother bought put on very suitable material is also good for the husband is also starting a super warm oh! Very thin handsome!

    Pretty good, oh, very like, very relaxed and comfortable, well?

    The work is too thick, rough, a lot of thread, the other good
    Baby pretty good, ready to buy a gray!