1. pieces of clothes X foreign...pieces of clothes X foreign trade bags three edge sealing plastic bags gift packaging bag hand bag garment bag clothes

    Direct manufacturers, fashionable, pure foreign trade, absolutely guarantee the quality, quantity per pack 48, non-toxic and tasteless, no time to launch new, good packaging for your goods out of the ordinary, the pictures are taken in kind, the number of bag factory is by the machine automatically points, so it is inevitable that the error is very small, the number of errors and the difference is not up, please understand, prior to purchase, be sure to determine the details of the size you need, I only provide advice, not as a final decision. Thank you

  2. Kraft paper bag gift bag bag bag...Kraft paper bag gift bag bag bag bag bag wholesale clothing store food packaging bag bag

    Custom label

  3. Large number of moving bags...Large number of moving bags waterproof and dust thickening of the Oxford cloth bags to receive packaging bag value durable

    Under Edward, the confusion between the na. Today to shoot 1 bags, 5% off pieces of 2 bags, 10 percent off bags of mail, the factory direct sales, quality is guaranteed!

  4. * + transparent bag bag tea bags...* + transparent bag bag tea bags dried self baking food bags wholesale

  5. The bag containing quilt is filled...The bag containing quilt is filled with the waterproof clothing and quilt, and the quilt is in the bag.