1. Very practicalInexpensive, worth having.
    Inexpensive, worth having. Small quiet service attitude is very good.
    Very good!
    Second buy
    Very good, no smell, practical

    Very practical

  2. Well, pink is not the pink colorThat's what I want,
    The big picture, feel a little small
    Suddenly bought a lot of pieces, looks good!
    Can quality
    Good quality, is the price a little high
    Well, pink is not the pink color

  3. Not worth the price, there is no...Your clothes are really good, the quality of continuous, very comfortable, after your home
    Clothes just come back, great, quality is also very good, very like, will continue to buy in your home

    Clothes are very satisfied with my mother said it was pretty nice just to buy their own perfect

    The clothes were received yesterday, the quality is good, and that's what I want!! I like to go on buying clothes in your house!!!!

    The material was okay, not what taste good! ??

    Not worth the price, there is no imagination, the clothes are very thin, not warm

  4. Yes, mom likes itBaby wear appropriate, good quality, good service attitude of the seller.
    The quality is good, five.
    The quality of the clothes is very good, the color is very positive, very satisfied. stay

    Very satisfied
    Yes, mom likes it

  5. Clothes come home for a few days,...This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    Pretty cool, like

    The size of the standard material good price excellent, fine version of the work is very good, suitable for the rest of the morning wear, the next will come again
    To buy a boyfriend, this season, wearing a sweater, and then wear this dress, warm can also play handsome, temperature and demeanor are
    A very fitting style is very warm and very good
    Clothes come home for a few days, the dress is very suitable, like the people quickly start.