1. A little thin, not too thick, like...Really comfortable, texture, not to say. I think more than 95 pounds if the legs are not very thin, then wear s code will be a bit tight.
    The clothes have been received, and this is a frequent visitor. His clothes are comfortable and fashionable.
    There is no quality, style and style is what I want
    Pants are not very good flexibility, good quality
    Very comfortable to wear my legs slightly so big waist is a little loose
    A little thin, not too thick, like long johns friends!

  2. BadRecommend see
    Logistics can be pretty quick
    Not good velvet, out of my house all over the floor
    Pants, not bad. The same as the picture, now I have to buy second.
    The color is very large, but very comfortable

  3. Do not want to go to the service...There is no imagination
    Look good, dress well
    Looks very good, and good quality, the fabric is soft, gave the bag

    I like it very much, it's a real thing. It looks pretty good. (^o^)

    Good quality and effect upon cultivation, it was really convenient

    Do not want to go to the service attitude always ignore the people who bought the insurance premiums are not a month back to a quick response is a few days back

  4. Pants received, the fabric is...The pants really good, good quality, wear version is also good, the most important is a good thin pants good Mody, the boss attitude is really good, feel tired feel shy, but the boss attitude has been very good, strongly recommend Oh Oh (* o *) (* o *) oh!

    Really good
    Really good
    The quality of trousers is very good, the inside is very dense, to my colleagues to look at all say good-looking, then give me a link to buy.

    I have been worried about wearing with velvet is bloated, because my fat weight, but this wearing really slim fit, a few days to go out wearing special suits of good quality, logistics is also very fast, keep a happy shopping
    Pants received, the fabric is cotton, soft and comfortable, which is a plush, velvet dense, very warm, good quality oh!

  5. Has second times to buy their own...The hair is soft. I like it very much,
    Pants received! Pants very good, Mao Rongrong, should be very warm, this winter should not catch a cold! Ha ha, thanks to the seller, I wish the seller, business is booming, happy new year, good health and good luck.
    The trousers are very thick, very soft and comfortable
    Handle, workmanship, comfort, are very good. Absolute repeat!
    Pants okay, there is little hair
    Has second times to buy their own with a man to buy a ticket to see a friend of the two very much like to help friends to buy the quality of a good conscience sellers