1. First wash not fade, style is OK,...No color, size, affordable, comfortable, good-looking, value.
    Bought to give him a try, the color quite atmosphere, the size of the model is also appropriate. Overall satisfaction
    Yes, the material is very comfortable, the size is just right, especially love husband, the price is very reasonable, recommended for a baby!
    Color work materials are good brother looks very handsome
    It is fashion color, although there is a little tool, but the workmanship is very fine, not wearing dirty feeling.
    First wash not fade, style is OK, no color.

  2. Good work, good clothes. perfectClothes are very nice, but must pay attention to this is partial fat! Easy! Not much to say directly above

    Partial large. Color is not black.
    180145 sleeves almost. The clothes are a little big
    Logistics is very fast, but also kind of stores to buy clothes is very urgent, business advice, because the clothes itself some loose, originally intended to buy XL, a store recommended to buy L, Xin Kui listened to?? very comfortable clothes, some is not
    For the urgent, good, good clothes, is my cat, a cat hair felt, but the problem is not that good!
    Good work, good clothes. perfect

  3. That's pretty,It's really good
    Good with the picture
    I can't feel it yet
    Very good, cheap good-looking
    Yes, it fits
    That's pretty,

  4. Ultrafast speed! Heavy clothes! NoDaughter is very fond of good workmanship, it should be genuine.

    Very good, and super large, height 166 weight of 135, do not buy the largest code, pro test.

    Pretty good
    Pretty good
    Baby is very good, very satisfied, it is worth buying, the next visit

    Ultrafast speed! Heavy clothes! No

  5. The clothes look niceNo. 12 purchase payment, only received today, and send the wrong goods. I bought a coat, but received a t-shirt.
    Beautiful clothes, good quality
    The clothes are very strong
    Good quality, very good. All five points

    The clothes look nice

    The clothes look nice

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