1. Second purchase, the difference...I like it very much
    Quite suitable

    Quite suitable

    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Like ah!

    Second purchase, the difference between the two, the quality is good, the home of things may be classified into.

  2. Beautiful, strong, practical!It's not as big as it is, but it's the right size. Easy assembly. Feeling is not too strong, it may be put more things like.
    Well, take home immediately removed, more than and 10 minutes will be installed, or very easy, the volume is big, no taste ~ hehe

    The lid was broken and the seller soon helped to send a good thing to install because it was deep enough to hold a lot of things

    Like is a little loose feeling
    Very good quality! And the same sense of the store to sell the thickness, but the price is a lot of concessions. The most surprising is no taste, no longer worry baby toys everywhere!
    Beautiful, strong, practical!

  3. Feel shy late blame...Too brittle, not strong
    Super cost-effective, good quality
    The quality is very good, bought four
    Good good very good, service fried chicken invincible stick,
    A little bit, okay
    Feel shy late blame procrastination assessment ha ha stuff is really good myself up not long in nor what difficulty just don't mouth anti loaded on the line this price is too value five layer can put a lot of things dormitory quite small so as to increase

  4. Very good quality! The color is...It's going to be so big
    This is n
    Very good
    This is too small.
    Has bought second times, like
    Very good quality! The color is very nice! The key is to recommend good materials to everyone

  5. As always goodThe quality is good, the price is cheap
    Good, cheap, cheap, fast delivery, praise
    Can be good
    Prices, to buy
    Good will come again
    As always good

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