1. Pants sticky hair, dark clothes...Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    The color is better than the picture. Good quality. Worth buying.
    The thickness is moderate, the weather in Shenzhen now sooner or later can wear, no color, washing does not fade
    Bought two times, the length of the pants are different, the difference is too large, but the pants soft and comfortable
    Quality not
    Pants sticky hair, dark clothes look good.

  2. The quality is good, that is, the...To help a friend to buy, the quality can be
    The file is small small trousers trousers
    The trousers are too small,?
    With their store to buy 30 dollars a exactly the same.
    The waist is too low, the trousers is not great,
    The quality is good, that is, the same code a long pants

  3. Cotton pants, the quality is...Pants version is very good, colleagues have to look at his son to buy a.
    Not bad, 120 cm boy can wear, just. But I test collocation skill, not a plaid pants
    Very good pants, is my own to buy a big, but the volume is also very good!

    This pair of trousers is too heavy, the version is very good, but a little fade, hope with salt water after the bubble will be better.
    Always patronize, clothes, as always, better than the street to buy Ping yi!

    Cotton pants, the quality is absolutely assured

  4. Yes, a large size of a trumpet, a...Praise!
    It is very soft and very thick also buy a send a very good that there is a need to come back to buy praise
    Feel comfortable, thick! Do you do it?

    The pants were bought at the time. Buy a send one, but the quality is not good, can afford. It's not easy to do business. The seller's service attitude is very good, so I gave praise
    Things have been received, the quality is very good, and the price is very cheap, no quality problems, and then it is worth buying? Now her daughter has not tried size, and so on in the evening to see the size of the right fit, and then come to the evaluat

    Yes, a large size of a trumpet, a small file twist it, look awkward

  5. This is my online shopping to buy...Good quality warm. Worth buying.
    Logistics fast, good service, good quality. This price is too expensive to buy the pants!
    Very good very suitable
    Good and cheap
    Very thick, very good.
    This is my online shopping to buy back the most cost-effective one of the best shopping quality, not to say, a word good, I hope you do not miss

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