1. The shoes fit very well received,...It's warmer than sneakers, and it's comfortable to wear
    The child put on an instant warm and comfortable, good mother would choose it!
    The sole is a bit hard, and it's pretty nice
    Baby received! Leather, and thick hair, cost-effective, thank you boss.
    Something good, good, satisfactory, five points must be the next to Da
    The shoes fit very well received, and is satisfied with the quality of the five-star praise

  2. Shoes received, tried it, a big...Shoes are very comfortable to wear, very warm, customer service attitude is also very good, worthy of trust business!!!

    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    Style looks good, but not leather
    Okay, son like style
    Version is very positive, very satisfied with her husband!
    Shoes received, tried it, a big one, but the pad is not just a pad change, like, particularly satisfied

  3. The quality is very good and...This color is beautiful shoes Bang Bang Da burst seem delicate well, good wear, wear a few days do not wear shoes on the feet, after buying this house.
    Very good wear, but also very fashionable, wearing a very beautiful and very high quality, very good value
    Shoes are very good, it is worth to buy, the next time to come

    Shoes are very good, it is worth to buy, the next time to come

    Good benefits, good shoes, the code is just right, very good
    The quality is very good and comfortable to wear

  4. Appropriate size, very goodThis user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The shoes are really nice
    The shoes fit, I like it
    Good, right is right
    Fried chicken
    Appropriate size, very good

  5. Actually also bought a large...Shoes really good, but the number is too large, it is recommended to play basketball to buy a small boy.
    Soles of some hard, the other good, first to give a praise, after the additional
    Customer service is a good review, shoes are also good

    Just started wearing a little feet, and now much better, the overall feeling good, I do not know how the quality
    Shoes are really good, the first time to buy a little big, with the store said after the store to send a pair without demur, husband put on just the right size, next time will come again!
    Actually also bought a large number of … pad insoles … very good! Comfortable good-looking not high. On the flat

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