1. Cute patternPraise praise, express great, the seller is also very good, very good quality, Da
    Yes, the price is reasonable, the quality is very good, the next time you buy at home, satisfied.
    Good love ah second times in the shop to buy a pink pink
    Good cute no color
    Super cute to not suitable for junior high school students
    Cute pattern

  2. Clothes received, the quality is...That's good. It feels great!
    Clothes can also be called a colleague to buy logistics soon
    Give a praise!
    Good quality, good style, good service attitude, oh well
    One price one point goods! The clothes are not delicate enough. A lot of the same feeling above thrum. But habits
    Clothes received, the quality is very good, very comfortable to wear

  3. Material good, very good, very...Some can be used
    Well! A good word
    I can't believe it
    With a very good, there are operating problems, the seller has to explain carefully. Love it
    Baby, I love it. I'll come back next time
    Material good, very good, very practical

  4. Express and fast service attitude...Quite good
    Good quality, satisfactory
    The quality is very good
    The quality is very good
    Good quality, satisfactory
    Express and fast service attitude is very good

  5. But the larger size of cottonImagine the thick clothes than just $five is worth five ah but bigger shoulder only backing
    Continue to work, although the finished product is not what I expected.
    Clothes fit, do not fade, wear comfortable
    Good quality. Relatively thick. Is to buy a big friend to wear
    Something good can also express a praise look forward to the next cooperation hey hey
    But the larger size of cotton

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