1. Plastic bag shopping bag bag bag...Plastic bag shopping bag bag bag gift bag hanging leopard handbag bag bag bag wholesale clothing clothing shoes

    Orange leopard hanging bag, new material thickening, good bearing capacity, fine print. Bottom width 39 cm, 8 cm, 43 cm high. A bundle of 50, buy a bundle of 50 shot. Buy 3 tie 150 bags.

  2. Kraft paper bag custom logo bag...Kraft paper bag custom logo bag garment bag gift bag gift bag packaging bag wholesale custom

    A must see: buy the bags please watch the size, type is used to distinguish between different products, there is no standard, does not indicate the size of. Different manufacturers are not the same, are set by the manufacturers themselves, please look at the details page size specifications, and picture contrast, it is not clear that we can contact our customer service, do not imagine their own. In some areas of implementation of conditional shipping, see details page, single contact customer service after the accounting change, postage payment, delivery or not.

  3. Yiwu new material packaging bag...Yiwu new material packaging bag factory direct white plastic bag * bag sealing destructive delivery

  4. Ruoqiang red dates packaging bags...Ruoqiang red dates packaging bags Xinjiang red dates packaging gift bag with self sealing grams of a bundle of

    The packaging of each of the 100 built-in self sealing zipper hand pinch seal can be repeated use. No need for sealing machine, thickening of 3 layers of light aluminum foil compound is not easy to wrinkle, with ugly, a long time will not show the old, the number of the machine is the number of machines, plus or minus 2 errors,

  5. Manufacturer Plush Doll bag...Manufacturer Plush Doll bag plastic transparent gift gift bag supermarket packaging bag custom

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