1. The brakes have been loaded on...Deputy factory goods, can use.
    For the first time sent a bit of cracks, businesses and made a free, freight package, really good, very grateful to the business, absolutely praise

    And the original Japanese imports can not be compared to ah … … shaking the severe … … before that will not move inside
    Yes, we can immediately put to tighten.
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    The brakes have been loaded on good, no six axis angle wrench, speed not installed!

  2. Very good quality.When the installation is somewhat cumbersome, but the manual, installed after the very solid, no shaking, have sat a circle, very practical, is your car battery is small, the seat is stuck, but does not affect the car, still very practical love baby sit sa

    Installation is really a lot of effort! A total of 27 screws, 35 nuts, together with the 3 quick dismantling bolt. The first time after installation, found a second distance too close, and to remove the re installation is really hard! After installing the
    It's heavy, it looks good, but her son not to sit, depressed

    Very suitable for my bike, my bike is a small folding, the armrest is not remove the leg blocking key is very practical, pick up the kids from kindergarten, children sit in front of the exchange is very convenient, the best parent-child time, rest today wi
    That's fine
    Very good quality.

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