1. Well, that's the big deal.The quality is very good, also very awesome Express
    Old customer
    Very good, not used ~!!!
    Very good texture, satisfaction!
    Good, good, high quality and inexpensive, gave a
    Well, that's the big deal.

  2. Good quality, very beautiful, very...Things are very good size moderate hair over two parts damaged customer service immediately for a very good recommendation to put the children's clothes very well
    Good ah, all broken.

    Installation is very convenient? The color is more suitable for small live wave toys good friends.
    Simple installation, beautiful color, this is dirty I received the above, next to a lot of dust, wash before starting the installation
    The material is thin, but the price is placed in that it can.
    Good quality, very beautiful, very affordable

  3. Help my friend, express super...Wo Voight large plastic storage box box large enough good quality can receive very Xiamen seasonal clothing, the goods receipt is intact.
    Quite large. Quality is also very good. Twelve buy the premium! Picture on the right is left in the baby, don't buy a house. Much smaller.

    Very big, is a button is bad also didn't call change, praise

    Very satisfied with something very good

    Soft material.. Can not be filled with things, the two sides will open the lid.
    Help my friend, express super slow, only ten days of receipt of goods, the price received and the supermarket almost haven't good quality, supermarket, size is not large, the two colors I took, sent me the same color! Customer service attitude is bad

  4. The box is quite large, loaded...Good box next time to buy it to ~
    Well, more than a dozen pieces to buy that big box and wheels
    The box is OK, than expected!
    Very satisfied, the students said that the color is very good?
    The box is large enough, the quality is good, thank the store gave wheels, five-star praise oh.
    The box is quite large, loaded with a lot of things, express satisfaction soon

  5. Incorporating the messy things,...The goods have been received, especially perfect, no taste

    The speed is fast. Very good thing, that is, after the best packaging tape, I have cracked the box, almost lost parts
    All of a sudden, according to the wrong, did not receive the goods on the goods, and give it a good first! How to receive quality review
    Goods received, the goods, such as pictures, no color difference, packaging is very good, very like, express is also very good
    Originally bought a small size for the small size of the big! Very good quality do not hesitate
    Incorporating the messy things, many neat. A little expensive.

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