1. The quality is good, there is no...Very satisfied, then match the tape Crossbody better (* o *)
    Very satisfied, the size is what I want,
    Fabric quality is relatively hard, before and after a sticky buckle, but very good use.
    Pro, bags have detailed dimensions and contrast map, pro buy a bag is not a picture, look at the title of the standard is not small, love is to return, do not appear inside TV take a sign to contrast hamburger oolong!
    Too small to see the picture is not so small ah, all kinds of dissatisfaction
    The quality is good, there is no taste

  2. Good quality clothes, texture,...The skirt is quality store material quality, comfortable, suitable for winter wear, good, it is worth buying. Like the pro can start

    A beautiful skirt. At first sight! A skirt to try it, and indeed as expected figure, temperament, the horse will have! Work is meticulous style body comparison of the body fast delivery is a special value for money. Do not have to say that the work has alw

    The clothes received, especially love, washed yesterday, today wearing a special, also slim slim! You get so much value out of them.

    Good clothes and pictures, if the quality of the zipper is a little better and clothes with the.
    Is the second time to buy, bought a short sleeved summer, feel good-looking and bought a long sleeved, super figure, sisters buy it!
    Good quality clothes, texture, wearing comfortable, after buying clothes in this shop to buy

  3. Received the goods a few days, and...This user does not fill in the evaluation.

    Affordable, affordable, super like, meimei.
    Good things, no thread, price is authentic, it is worth collecting, PS logistics made me almost half a month, I this is Shanghai, eleven is too cruel
    Clothes received, just two days to cool down, the jacket to wear warm, and very cool, very like, thank you for the seller.
    Very well suited to his brother would like to continue to pay attention to thank you
    Received the goods a few days, and looked at the quality of the wash and then wear, very pleasantly surprised. The texture is very good, very good, repair the upper class, but not the ball, do not fade, feel soft, will continue to buy, thank the seller, to

  4. Feeling pretty good, fast...All praise, like
    Fortunately, it is worth buying
    Very good, suitable
    Fast logistics is superb!
    Pretty good。 Very satisfied
    Feeling pretty good, fast delivery, logistics is also very fast, there will be a need to buy

  5. Received more dirty clothes wash a...Quality can also
    Nice clothes
    Good quality clothes. Recently, the use of the product is really thin what to wear good-looking
    Very good, I am about 94 pounds, a little larger than the big 158
    Good quality clothes, comfortable wear
    Received more dirty clothes wash a good look like a shoulder

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