1. Baby sent directly to the child,...The first purchase is very satisfied, things are cheap and good quality! Delivery is timely, every Nene are beautiful turned!! I particularly like, later in your shop for a long time to buy! Must praise
    Online for a long time, for the first time in the rabbit home to buy, the baby is still pretty good, small sexy, later in his home to buy
    I don't worry about my underwear. I've been buying underwear here.
    Good stores look carefully packed with super quality alone must leverage, open is super satisfied after that surprise in her home a very pleasant to online shopping
    Received the goods, the quality is very good, but the feeling will be particularly comfortable to wear, will be a lot of visit, you close to buy it Pro
    Baby sent directly to the child, did not see, the child said very good, I believe that six rabbits.

  2. General quality! Express very slow!Pretty nice
    Good quality
    The second time to buy his home things very good this price is already very good quality is that it is a little slow delivery point will come back
    And bought a good cute dress comfortable than the heart ~!
    Quality can also
    General quality! Express very slow!

  3. The pudding is great and patientGood, very good
    Good potato technology! Service is really good!
    Good potato technology! Service is really good!
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Designers to help design a very good Tang, there is a need to come back
    The pudding is great and patient

  4. Received clothes, satisfied with a...Feel shy to evaluate late, or as in the past Yiyi good, want to buy friends don't hesitate.
    It's a nice pair of velvet hats
    He and I are different clothes to daughter-in-law is not a day but I wear the object with fit
    Good clothes, I like the style, the fabric is comfortable.
    Boyfriend is very fond of, one person bought a piece, wear on the body very good-looking. Good quality. Love it。
    Received clothes, satisfied with a shopping, like, is cotton, the price value

  5. The color is delicious, very...Cotton is not elastic
    Not bad
    Baby very good, especially like,
    Good, good, haihunshan!
    Good quality clothes received, very satisfied
    The color is delicious, very good-looking, cotton, wear on the body feel a lot younger!

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