1. The shoes are light. Comfortable...Super nice shoes, always wanted to buy a pair of shoes like this can be any type of collocation of beautiful clothes.

    The quality is very good, wear very personality, love. Logistics is also ultra fast
    Good durable, climbing back home slope is not bad
    Good durable, climbing back home slope is not bad
    Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    The shoes are light. Comfortable to wear a good customer service attitude. Fabulous

  2. Yes, it's good, but it's a bit longVery beautiful, but a little long heel
    Really good
    Really good
    In fact, the quality is very good, the price will be more than 20 I think this is very cheap! Very suitable, really really very value, the quality is OK, very good.
    Love this color and fit particularly well with clothes
    Yes, it's good, but it's a bit long

  3. Good quality shoes, beautiful...Really good yo, later also come back

    Double eleven to buy, logistics is very good, baby is very good

    Affordable, but shoes are a little bit hard grinding feet.
    This pair of shoes is of good quality, it is leather and the quality is very good! The quality is really good! The quality is really good! Important words three times! For students to buy, students like!!
    Value! A good fit, but also very good, going to buy another pair

    Good quality shoes, beautiful colors, like son

  4. The shoes have been bought several...Odd smell incomparable, this acid is too cool taste
    The size of the right, but not as good as I imagined, or outside the increase, after all, the price is cheap
    Yes, I like it very much. I bought it second times. Praise.

    Good wear line is too slippery soles
    Very good, suitable size, like!

    The shoes have been bought several times

  5. Dear, we have quality assurance,...Shoes are very light, and they don't walk
    Not bad, that is, the old shoe arch.
    Good also sent a pair of insoles, delivery is slow
    Shoes quality is very good, super light, no smell, very good
    Good, comfortable shoes, very comfortable.
    Dear, we have quality assurance, if you are not satisfied with your refund, you do not have to bear any costs. The shop promised 1 years off the end of replacement, 3 months Baohuan glue. We support the returns within 15 days of it, unpacking, not satisfie

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