1. The love Chinese wind clothes...With the store service attitude is really good just like the recommended size
    The quality is very good
    The clothes are of good quality and good workmanship,
    Good quality clothes. Mother likes
    The quality is satisfactory!
    The love Chinese wind clothes unique market Chinese quality is a red button Bang Bang Da really love to the mother to wear very beautiful

  2. A little fade, but does not...Super quality
    Just buy 88 height 160 length wear, chiffon quality is very good
    Very good, craft fabrics are very good
    Really good, cost-effective
    Very satisfied, good quality, fine workmanship, dress is cheap. High quality and inexpensive
    A little fade, but does not affect, or satisfactory!

  3. Pretty good! Comparison of the...Have bought second times
    Second purchase, very good
    The underwear has been projected out
    The quality is very good, very comfortable to wear cotton, 166116L just

    Really good, value for money
    Pretty good! Comparison of the body

  4. To tell the truth, there is color...Look at the strap dress! I like it too much, the fabric is very soft skin, soft and comfortable, and very elegant, unique style, it is suitable for holiday shopping, like the sisters quickly start!
    This dress is so beautiful that I couldn't help but to comment on a trip to Bali Island, when wearing, wearing a small pot are gone, good good good slim slim and elegant, the United States and the United States! That's what I want!
    A good dress, the effect is very good, with the same color as the picture, the fabric is very good, the seller is also a great attitude, will come again!
    Wear this dress good temperament, good feel, wear friends said is very beautiful, very fit, very fashionable, very slim and wear characteristics to buy value, but also to buy the next time!
    Baby hand finally, is this one, I am particularly satisfied, especially elegant skirt, photogenic feeling also stick the woman can buy love ~ oh!
    To tell the truth, there is color difference, trumpet is also quite large, had to give her girlfriend to wear, only to the mother

  5. The quality is good.Quality is very good, very fashionable, fine workmanship, very satisfied.
    Good product quality, value for money satisfaction.
    Good quality, good style, comfortable wear, I like
    Good quality, exquisite workmanship, fashionable and generous
    You have received very good quality, must give people praise
    The quality is good.

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