1. Germany imported milk Daya...Germany imported milk Daya (Weidendorf) low fat L*

    New and old packaging random hair

  2. Yili pure milk Tetra Pak pillow ...Yili pure milk Tetra Pak pillow ml* / box Jiangsu Anhui bags.

  3. Hochwald Ward L* Germany imported...Hochwald Ward L* Germany imported pure milk box of milk . Mail

  4. PE flat bag bag bag bag bag...PE flat bag bag bag bag bag plastic bag bag plastic bag bag plastic bag carton inner bag thick * wire

    The calculation method of the carton bags known: Carton Size: length * width * height so the size of carton endometrium bag suitable for: wide width = bag + carton carton, carton carton bag length = w + high if it is to choose the outer carton bag then corresponding with a few CM on it

  5. Hand bag, chestnut, bag, sugar,...Hand bag, chestnut, bag, sugar, fried chestnuts, chestnut bag, Qianxi chestnut bag, wholesale customized kraft bag

    Material used by the relevant departments of the inspection report, please rest assured that the majority of customers! Can be free to design logo, custom belong to their own style! We all have a large amount of wholesale price! Direct manufacturers puerile! 10 thousand bags of logistics!! Welcome calls to negotiate 13831119810

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