1. The quality is pretty good,...The logistics is too slow, but the quality is really good.
    Pants look good, it is worth buying
    Logistics is very fast!
    Good! Pretty good
    This can also
    The quality is pretty good, inexpensive

  2. Second, very good.The quality is very good, but the trousers are very thin, when suitable for autumn wear
    Quality is the ball does not fade, can buy.
    The trousers are very comfortable for the baby
    The trousers are very nice and comfortable
    Birthday coupons to buy, value! Good quality
    Second, very good.

  3. Clothes received, the quality is...Baby received, bought for her sister, she is very like, very beautiful
    Good daughter wearing just right
    Clearly a code can be a big small!
    Help the children to buy friends, put on love, buy later in your home
    Help the children to buy friends, put on love, buy later in your home
    Clothes received, the quality is good, very comfortable

  4. We look at it, is to reverse cash...Bought a camouflage a this, the arrival of much deeper color than the picture, feeling stiff, washed with salt water fade serious, then wash a few times better. After washing the color closer to the picture, feeling the soft cloth some estimate is laitance
    Bought 2 pieces of blue jeans, okay. This opened the bag a strange smell, like through the dirty! The quality and the quality of the blue is much worse! The water washed, faded like wearing a few years old pants! Crotch and trouser legs are very thin! Wear
    A price of a cargo, far worse than expected, the discount is not that also sewing trousers leak, and customer service reflects the long time he didn't understand, then their own money to repair a bit serious, washing fade! Or can not be greedy cheap ah!

    The clothes look like a ghost, also said that one minute can be resolved, then why do not you check! Back and forth to return, who has so much time with you about &hellip …

    Also, the color is, shorter than the actual, when you buy a big one! Overall is good, suitable for now wear!

    We look at it, is to reverse cash received, received a bad big pants hole, promised to give me back 5 yuan night has not, I ask and then blackmailed me praise, or do not give back, I was broken back now, not now not sincere praise. Sell you see screenshot

  5. Pretty good。 Good-looking。...I like it very much
    Upper body effect is particularly good
    Okay, do not wear … &hellip looks good;
    The baby is beautiful, like?
    The quality is good, a little bigger, but I like it very much.
    Pretty good。 Good-looking。 simple

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