1. Model installation is very simple...The seller is straightforward to solve. Model in addition to taste good to put down the taste of the good.
    OK is the seller sent me the wrong number I want to give my M S asked her to admit later sent her pictures said the error if say a number will be good anyway, a number too will find reasons to directly say sorry to the wrong Pro so difficult? There is a ta

    All right! Logistics is very fast, the seller is actually the cargo, nouveau riche, looked at the baby popping, air, good fun ah! But unfortunately, the number of large, the seller's recommendation is not very professional oh! Recommended here sell girls P

    Broke a hole in the body, want to go back and freight! Have no choice but to. I want to say such a big hole, you do not find! Packed cartons are intact! Why does the model have a hole in it? The first time I bought a particularly uncomfortable heart, I thi
    Model installation is very simple because the store did not give the model to wear clothes haha good quality

    Model installation is very simple because the store did not give the model to wear clothes haha good quality

  2. Good。 You get so much value out...Very good-looking and practical
    Things are good, without flaws, satisfied
    The shipment is too slow. The chassis is broken again
    Very good, very good, very cheap.
    Yes, no damage
    Good。 You get so much value out of them.

  3. Logistics speed, customer service...Good quality Bang Bang Da

    Looks pretty good
    Look good, useless, the effect of additional, logistics fast.
    The quality is good, will continue to shop
    Logistics speed, customer service attitude is very good! Model is very tall, will continue to buy

  4. Very good, satisfied with the...Price is good, the workmanship is exquisite, the chassis is very stable, the hand can be flexible, very satisfied. But the courier really gave me a big surprise!

    Very good, I would like to hurry.. soon arrived on the thank you
    Things received, very fine workmanship, quality is very good, the seller's service is very good, very thoughtful consideration, completely beyond expectations
    Very much like to take pictures of our wholesale convenience, but also for different action modeling.

    It is not the quality of the quality of the wood and light like one hundred dollars of the investment of more than 300 and the gap between our house is too big to be worth it at all
    Very good, satisfied with the intentions of the seller, packing is tight, would recommend to friends to buy!

  5. Good。 Good assemblyGood
    Not unpacking yet!
    If the pole can longer be good.
    Yes, the waist is full.
    Very tall tall
    Good。 Good assembly

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