1. Has been used, very good.Logistics is also a variety of models quickly insert picture teaching, thank you very much
    Fast, huh
    There are a lot of good templates, the owner also shipped quickly
    Delivery speed class, the seller will teach, do very good
    Very good, very easy to use, the boss shipped quickly
    Has been used, very good.

  2. Super stick on the right! And good...Really very good, very patient, very good service, the future will often come to, thank you
    Oh, the second time, this really super good service, the design is also very good, you do not hesitate to buyers
    All right, feels great, really good! It hopes to sell!
    All right, feels great, really good! It hopes to sell!
    Truth is good, good service, good faith, do a good job, the next opportunity will come again, thank you boss
    Super stick on the right! And good patience!

  3. Speed can also beGood good, the seller delivery speed, good service attitude, praise!
    Shopkeeper good brother, thank you
    Please accept the God of the knee
    Program is very good, very quick installation service.
    Very good attitude is very OK
    Speed can also be

  4. That's good. It doesn't seem very...Very nice and comfortable to wear
    Good clothes, I wash not fade
    Second, or praise, as in the past is good, no pilling ball.
    Pretty thick fabric, courier brother very much
    The quality of the clothes is very good and the color is very nice
    That's good. It doesn't seem very thick

  5. Thank you for coming to the store!...Very good very good
    Quality is good, like a paragraph, very comfortable to wear, style is very good, like a friend said it was very good, like a recommendation to buy
    Not how
    Wear comfortable
    Wear comfortable
    Thank you for coming to the store! This problem occurs, we feel very sorry, the quality problem, we store the returned package; support 7 days no reason to return Oh; what is the problem, to contact customer service processing Oh; the difference in assessm

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