1. I think the quality is very good,...The seller is also very kind, I said before buying a small woman wearing a hole, asked her if she had a small leather, is up down, the seller sent a large piece of skin, can make a pair of pants, overwhelmed by an unexpected favour! Ask, dear seller, you d
    The old customer, the pants are very comfortable, very soft, the child likes to wear, is to buy a little big, after which can also wear a

    Very beautiful, wear very close, velvet is very warm, very simple style, more all-match, a shopping satisfaction, there is a need to come next time.
    Has been washed a few times, no cracks in the epidermis, very satisfied
    Has been washed a few times, no cracks in the epidermis, very satisfied
    I think the quality is very good, the outside is imitation leather is dirty, wipe it, the inside of the pile is very soft, very comfortable to wear close fitting, an online shopping very satisfactory (please ignore my child a little chubby?)

  2. good good good shoppingPraise!
    Baby received, very good, like the pro early start ah
    I got my pants
    Pants with no specification

  3. Pants are very good, it is worth...Very thick do not know how to wear the effect
    Quality is particularly good, the price is very high, and particularly good, the quality is really super good.
    Good, thick, very much like
    Baby is good, the price is too high, and later, and the picture, the service is very good
    Very cheap look on the right to start it
    Pants are very good, it is worth buying, much better than I thought

  4. Well, it's a thin pile. You get so...Good quality! Ready to shoot a few!
    1.62/100, fit
    Pants received, very satisfied with the flexibility is also very good, to praise
    The two purchase, the quality is very good, feel very slippery! Praise!
    Nice, like a picture, worth buying
    Well, it's a thin pile. You get so much value out of them.

  5. Fashionable, beautiful and...It was a good fit for her daughter to put on her trousers.
    Pants received, her daughter is very pleased, very satisfied with the online shopping.
    A very thin pants, good wear, this is the second time to buy.
    Good quality to wear out the effect is also very good, very satisfied with an online shopping
    Pants are very warm if the elasticity of the larger point on it!
    Fashionable, beautiful and comfortable to wear, receive goods quickly!

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