1. High quality and inexpensive。Things are very good, the boss shipped quickly, very satisfied.
    Yes, fast enough
    Boss is good, but the logistics of the goods lost! The boss returned the money!
    Cheap, satisfaction.
    What a big bottle
    High quality and inexpensive。

  2. Because of the size of the seller...Goods received, take on the hand strong, well worth recommending

    Baby looks good. It would be better if there was a matching screw!
    Second purchase, inexpensive
    Things really good, and the picture, sold to customers are very satisfied, mainly cheap!
    Because of the size of the seller is not appropriate to return the service attitude is very good, it is worth buying!

  3. Although the figure on foot, but...Bad, please look at the inclination of the baby do it will slide forward, four screws long cloth wrapped around the middle I will swing around, that is to fold it will be some gap will be shaking, but two screws up or shaking, two screws can not be folded

    I feel good, the price is not expensive, at noon to children, children must be very happy every time, twins, crowded in the car, fortunately good friend recommended me to buy this, practical, customer service is also responsible, patient answer on how to i

    He installed a half an hour, the second place is not good on the note icon on the screw, screw seat is inclined, the child did not sit fortunately shaking, three and a half, 34 pounds to sit, is the armrest can be high enough.

    Our products can be adjusted before and after the four block! Lengthened seat! In order to facilitate the winter baby ride! Will not be able to contact the customer service!

    Really not how. Now the weather is not wearing a jacket, a five year old baby (very thin) sitting on a bit crowded. Get things packaging express waste! The part also dropped outside crackling.

    Although the figure on foot, but still down to the placement of colleagues, have been cluster quality in general, together to use it, the child is very happy, in order to bring her safety, sleep at ease, not to fall

  4. I sit down to install the electric...Installed, the quality can be, is some.

    Installed, the quality can be, is some.

    Things look at the quality is not bad, it is not installed, installed on the child sitting, very good, very good, to praise.
    Daughter likes very much

    Very good, good, very satisfied with his son today

    I sit down to install the electric car a little inclined position, this is the installation of the now fixed a fixed screw, the electric car must be transformed to use, the quality itself can also be

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