1. What people are really * * *,...It's really beautiful. Inside the velvet. Very thick like a sister to buy it

    Although it is cheap, but can not wear
    Try it on, do not fade, look good
    Try it on, do not fade, look good
    Good quality, affordable
    What people are really * * *, small goods to his return, so that the application for a refund, but also applied, and even let me wait until the system time to the automatic refund, but also drunk, what kind of people, irresponsible, poor!!!

  2. To help students to buy, you can...Not bad
    Very beautiful, very fairy, I like oh
    Very nice, affordable, worth buying.
    Upper body comfortable, satisfied
    Double eleven, a long time to receive, but also good, very good-looking
    To help students to buy, you can also like her

  3. Very loose, some shortAnother black with a even greater than the thinner than this, not free? Speechless!
    Color is positive, cotton is comfortable
    The color of the dress is very nice, the version is good, and the dress is thin and thick
    Bought two pieces of purple color thicker than the black look comfortable fabric
    Good quality clothes, wearing comfortable, and personality, like
    Very loose, some short

  4. Beautiful pictureLike: no color attitude good!
    Very soft color is also all-match
    Washed with gold bubble, good warm.
    The color is not pure white
    Very good ah! The color is very good, it is worth buying.
    Beautiful picture

  5. Well, that's a little biggerThe clothes are the same as the photos, no color, like
    My girlfriend likes it very much. It's cute
    Very fit, good quality, the next will come
    It's nice and warm. Praise.
    Pretty good! Color is very positive, loose money!
    Well, that's a little bigger

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