1. Okay, it's a little bit behindExpress very slow

    The shoes are good items
    Pu is a very good look back to the skin to wear a very temperament
    Shoes are not bad, the quality is good... Good style.
    There is a certain gap with the real map, but it is also very good, after all, the price here
    Okay, it's a little bit behind

  2. Good quality. Comfortable to wearEvaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!
    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    Cheap and good, things are good is no zipper, but wearing a very comfortable, like people do not hesitate.

    Shoes are very good, very like, next time again.
    On the logistics speed, absolutely high praise, too surprised
    Good quality. Comfortable to wear

  3. Really good ohBe it so
    Not bad
    Can also?
    Well, that's good.
    Shoes are very beautiful, very good customer service! Fabulous!
    Really good oh

  4. Shoes are bigger than normal.The clothes received a really good quality, the husband wore a very suitable … … thank you for the patience of the boss

    Nice and comfortable! Wearing a domineering feeling!!!!! Give praise!! The shoes are a little bigger
    The version all-match also good-looking, comfortable.
    Very nice。 The shoes are very soft, and the workmanship is good.
    The same with the pictures to my boyfriend bought in Bang Bang Da.
    Shoes are bigger than normal.

  5. Wear very obvious foot …...34 feet, just in size, increased.
    Very good, and when it does not appear fat. Style is beautiful
    Good quality, fast logistics, on the foot sole is good, soft, not long. Very good oh
    Good quality … … and a small gift????
    Good quality … … and a small gift????
    Wear very obvious foot … … good … … 32??

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