1. To buy a friend, I opened a touch,...Very comfortable to wear a very good customer service very close to buy pants to the right
    Pants received, the quality is good, there will be a need to buy again
    This pair of trousers is very good, the winter should be able to pass the winter.
    Pretty good。 Service in place. The store is also very good. Sent a pair of socks.
    Logistics is particularly fast, than the store to buy pants are also satisfied, very suitable, satisfied.
    To buy a friend, I opened a touch, feel good, not to wear, it should be good

  2. Pants received, I feel pretty good...Shrink too serious
    Shrink too serious
    This will continue to buy big, buy, especially good material. Must be praised. Buy three. First put, and then wear next year. Buy two.
    The file is too short.
    Pants received, I feel pretty good delivery, the seller is very good attitude

  3. Better than expected, not worn,...The trousers are good for autumn.
    The clothes is very good, cheap, is the main store is very warm, the quality is really on the ball
    Yes, 160 pounds in just 140 height, not.
    Very nice and very flexible.
    Like a picture. Is the quality that I like. Love it
    Better than expected, not worn, wear and then add

  4. Just don't know what to wear for a...The other half ball wear warm effect are also stovepipe
    Not think of a thick, but the quality is OK, was originally intended to return, then think, left
    Good elasticity, velvet comfortable, is a little thin. In winter, it's got to be thick. But delivery is very fast. 5 points
    The trousers are nice and comfortable, but I seem to have the wrong color
    I bought more than another to be thin, do not know how the quality, do not want the ball
    Just don't know what to wear for a long time will not play ball, a little worried, now looks particularly good, winter in Guangxi can be so thick, just right,

  5. No pilling. It is a bit too short,...Two pieces together, very soft
    Socks are not very thick, customer attitude is not good.
    Second shopping, really like, very good
    Fortunately, not very tight
    Good love, a little warm or Doubule.
    No pilling. It is a bit too short, the foot was crowded

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