1. Good! Gave a six angle wrench!Perfect available ~ ~ dad Pidianpidian son began to ride the night!
    The quality is not good, but the price is not much to say
    No use, first praise, the use of additional comments.
    It's very easy to use. No more foot brakes
    Fast delivery, very good, and soon received, is not genuine, do not know, look at the screw what is good, the price is not expensive, it is worth starting.
    Good! Gave a six angle wrench!

  2. fine workmanshipVery good! It's much more comfortable than the rubber pad!
    The accelerator pedal brake pedal is fitted and does not slip very much.

    Things are very satisfied, there is no comment that it is difficult to install, the key is to pay attention to methods, I hope durable

    Tall on the installation of the!

    Well, things have been received, installed after looking very beautiful, very good grades, looking good ah! Thank you boss later returned, to 5 points.
    fine workmanship

  3. The value of the price, the...The quality is good, that is, the rear seat of my car is not appropriate, need to improve
    This is too bad, too slow, not to say, the key is not to call
    The taste of the whole canopy, satisfactory. Put down the taste!!
    Yes, the installation is simple and firm, children like
    Yes, like the picture, the child likes
    The value of the price, the installation is not difficult

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