1. I like the pants, my colleagues...Fit, warm, good-looking, very value
    Baby received a very good look very good value of the price is cheap and high
    Thick trousers. But the black hair, do not know what day or floating hair, just put out a circle of snow, who came back a little wet, I touched a black hand.
    The price is so cheap things very good, very thick, good ah! Want to buy back a few.
    The trousers are not as good as they think
    I like the pants, my colleagues say that really cheap, really cheap, thanks

  2. Very cheap but also good at home...Baby pants have been received, the quality is very good, the bed size is very suitable. Very like this pants, thanks to the seller. Thank you for the shipment service.
    Finally arrived at the time a bit long but the customer service attitude is very good to get the goods ready for a good quality pink?
    Fortunately, work wear
    Recommended friends to buy, very good looking, like
    No color, value for money.
    Very cheap but also good at home do wear

  3. Receive the pants, the seller...Very good, very good, very good, inexpensive.
    Logistics is really awesome!
    Pants is good, quality good, a bit thick, it is suitable for the current season wear.
    Clothes received, the quality is good, just put on the size of the right size, the price is very value.
    Coupled with the orders have been third, and one to buy a loss of ah ah ah! Look for customer service can be a discount on it no one reason, the attitude of service to be improved, the other is nothing to say, are great!
    Receive the pants, the seller shipped quickly, the pants version is good, very stylish, slim figure, the material is very soft, very comfortable to wear.

  4. Fit, good-looking, worth buying....Like to support the original tide is a little too large but does not affect the product

    Perfect version, very unique pocket design

    Perfect version, very unique pocket design

    This user does not fill in the evaluation.
    It fits well!

    Fit, good-looking, worth buying. Praise?

  5. The pants is good, buy a set of...The quality is very good, the trousers is quite thick, suitable for autumn wear, no pilling, no hair.
    The trousers are very good, logistics is also fast, is the two leg of the green part, not in the middle, left and right skewed, right to left foot as it would be even better!
    My son 130 cm, put on this number just fit! Yes, next time!
    Fading is very powerful, wearing a white Long Johns days are dark, habit! Too lazy to pull!
    Pants quality is good, but also thick...
    The pants is good, buy a set of codes to the children wearing trousers, or a bit long, express lady is too slow.

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